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Smart electricity will be widely promoted in the "12th Five Year Plan"

■ at present, "the white shell is dotted with the French flag blue, white and red. There is no strategic planning at the national level, and it is only promoted under the framework of national companies

■ 2015-2020 is the national construction stage. We hope that in 2020, the first full-function smart electricity

community model in China will be completed, and the first construction content in China will be the most comprehensive The model demonstration project of the most powerful smart electricity community was completed on September 20 in Langfang Xinao Golf Garden community located in Langfang Development Zone, Hebei Province

according to the introduction of North China power company, since June this year, the project has successively completed low-voltage power communication in the community, power consumption information acquisition, 95598 interactive platform, smart home, electric vehicle charging facilities, distributed power supply and energy storage, distribution automation in the community, three integration business Intelligent community comprehensive application display platform and other nine construction contents. The two households on the 4th floor of unit a in building 3 of the community, which are respectively used as the exhibition hall of intelligent power technology and the living experience hall, were completed on the same day. In the technology exhibition hall, you can understand the latest technology and equipment of intelligent power consumption, and how to use automation, informatization and modern communication technology to achieve high reliability power supply, interactive services and low-carbon life; Walking into the life experience hall, you can feel and experience intelligent power consumption from a zero distance

it is reported that after the completion of the whole project, the community will have unprecedented intelligent characteristics: the newly developed optical fiber composite low-voltage cable will be fully laid in the whole community to realize the entry of power optical fiber into the home, which provides the best solution for the telecommunications and radio and television departments to solve the last kilometer problem, fully supports the three integration services of television, Internet and Internet, and realizes the broadband sharing of information and communication; Provide dual power supply for the community, configure intelligent switches and automatic monitoring equipment, build an advanced distribution automation system, and realize the functions of automatic fault location, two-level network reconstruction, fault self-healing, real-time monitoring of the operation status of power supply and consumption in the community and power quality, with a power supply reliability of 99.999%; Build 10 kW distributed solar power generation and energy storage equipment in the model room, deploy two-way metering and control devices synchronously, and provide clean and renewable energy for families through local consumption and optimal control. At the same time, it is also used as a backup power supply to support users to select power sources according to the price of electricity, so as to realize peak shaving and valley filling, and the abundant electric energy can even be resold; Deploy the latest developed advanced measurement system, smart socket, smart home appliances and other equipment for families, realize the automatic reading of electricity, water and gas meters, and the automatic collection of electricity consumption information of household appliances. At the same time, realize the intelligent management of household electricity through the smart home service system, so that residents can fully understand household energy consumption, energy consumption expenditure, carbon emissions, and can remotely control household appliances anytime and anywhere, and independently respond to electricity demand, Cultivate good energy consumption habits, reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, and improve the energy efficiency of the community; Equipped with information resources such as integrated power consumption information acquisition system, distribution automation system and marketing business application system, it provides flexible and diversified services such as information inquiry, power consumption business, energy consumption strategy, electricity payment and service customization for residents of the community through 95598 interactive stations, and other interactive channels. In addition, in the underground garage, there are also 6 electric vehicle charging piles to meet the intelligent charging needs of residents in the community

228 items of smart electricity in 21 categories

pilot project exploration and promotion

since the development plan of smart electricity was first announced to the society in May 2009, NEC has carried out the construction of 228 smart electricity pilot projects in 21 categories in 26 provinces and cities, with the goal of basically building a strong smart electricity by 2020

at the second China (Wuxi) new energy conference held not long ago, jiangliping, vice president of the National Energy Research Institute, revealed that NEC hopes to promote some mature and successful smart electricity pilot practices on a large scale before 2015, when 2 unloading steel strand and other samples

she said that smart electricity has indeed received the attention of the government, and relevant enterprises have also invested a lot. However, no country has yet achieved the strategic planning at the home level of the relevant functions of the electronic universal experimental machine. At present, it is still being promoted step by step under the framework of the State Grid Corporation of China

so far, we have implemented two batches of pilot projects, and are analyzing and evaluating the implementation effectiveness of the first batch of projects. On the basis of summarizing the evaluation results, we should promote and apply some mature and successful practices on a large scale before 2015. From 2015 to 2020, it is the stage of national construction. We hope to initially build smart electricity around 2020. Jiang Liping said

she also revealed that the national energy administration also specifically listed a topic "Research on the development mode of smart electricity in China" in the 12th Five Year Plan of energy, but this topic has not been officially concluded yet. The next step, from the national level, remains to be seen

the current smart electricity

has a strong UHV color

although the development of smart electricity in China continues to advance, some experts pointed out that under the current system in which smart electricity construction is led by power companies, the national smart electricity strategy has a strong UHV color. Due to differences in national conditions, the development of smart electricity is different. The core and foundation of smart electricity abroad is distributed energy, but China's smart electricity focuses more on the transmission side, emphasizing strong smart electricity under UHV architecture

at present, the focus of developing smart electricity abroad is not to continuously improve the voltage level, but to give priority to the development of more efficient and energy-saving distributed energy systems. China's smart power focuses more on the transmission side, emphasizing the strong smart power under the UHV framework. Hanxiaoping, chief information officer of China energy, said

according to Han Xiaoping, there is a solid foundation and real market for the development of smart electricity in the United States, Europe and Japan, that is, the distributed energy system gradually developed since the oil crisis in the 1970s. The development of smart electricity abroad is to provide a free access dynamic platform for all kinds of distributed energy, an intelligent control and management platform for energy conservation and demand side management, and an innovative application platform for electric storage vehicles and various new electrical appliances, so as to solve the problems of power supply safety and sustainable development. Just like many PCs form local areas, many distributed energy forms micro electricity, which needs to be connected with the main, so an intelligent management system is needed, and smart electricity comes from it

but in China, the definition of smart electricity by State Grid Corporation of China is: strong smart electricity with UHV as the backbone, based on the coordinated development of all levels of electricity, and characterized by informatization, digitization, automation and interaction

Hu Zhaoguang, vice president of the National Energy Research Institute, explained that by 2020, the national power will face the transmission problem of 150million kW wind power, and will focus more on the transmission side, which is determined by China's economic development stage and the characteristics of energy concentration and distribution. After all, China's national conditions are different from those in the West. Distributed energy cannot become the foundation and mainstream of smart electricity

Zhou Yuanbing, deputy chief engineer of the National Energy Research Institute, stressed that the development of distributed energy in national electricity is always based on the consideration of the transmission side and the distribution side, but the consideration should also be focused at different stages. At present, the primary task of developing smart electricity is to solve the problem of large-scale transmission of renewable energy. Due to the lack of the foundation of distributed energy in China, smart electricity is the first to develop the transmission side. With the development of distributed energy, smart electricity will definitely be popularized to the distribution side in the future

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