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Smart home appliances have their own high-performance chips

according to science and technology reports, on the 2nd, Laoshan District, Qingdao released Xuanji cle Series MCU independently developed by core interconnect technology (Qingdao) Co., Ltd., which is China's first risc-v home appliance chip and can be controlled independently

it is reported that Xuanji cle series is a general-purpose embedded MCU processor based on 32-bit risc-v core with stable and reliable core interconnection. It is mainly suitable for applications requiring high stability, power consumption and computing power, such as white goods, industrial control, IOT, etc

mankind has entered the era of artificial intelligence, and intellectualization and IOT are becoming the new trend of medium and high-end household appliances in the world. For this reason, the core connected Xuanji cle Series MCU is based on a 32-bit high-performance risc-v core for the first time, with ultra-high bandwidth and two-stage pipelined risc-v Harvard architecture. The computing performance can reach 45dmips at the highest working frequency of 32mhz. In the case of five theft cases with a case value of more than 100000 yuan to meet the performance requirements of intelligent household appliances, Significantly reduce manufacturing and maintenance costs

Hu Kangqiao, CEO of core interconnect, said that Xuanji cle Series MCU has gone through a 210 year development process and is the first home appliance chip series of core interconnect. In the future, it will be widely used in China's manufacturing industry, which can quickly promote the process of industrial intelligence, and form technology sharing at different levels with partners in various fields to jointly promote the independent research and development of Chinese chips and the upgrading of intelligent manufacturing industry

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