The hottest smart grid policy is gradually impleme

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Smart electricity: the policy is gradually implemented, and the new regulations are expected to be released.

smart electricity covers four links: power generation, transmission and transformation, power distribution and power consumption. Power upgrading and transformation will benefit different industries distributed in these four links and bring new development opportunities

a number of opinions on accelerating the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry just released put forward that we should speed up the autonomy level of UHV transmission technology, and the Jindongnan Nanyang Jingmen project, the first UHV transmission project designed by China, has been in safe operation for more than 100 days, which means that the key technology of smart electricity in China has been successful

the main beneficiary companies of smart electricity are divided into three categories: first, UHV field; The second is to realize power management and control in power distribution. There is a product that can help mix smart electronic components of glass and nylon, such as smart meters; Third, electrical control software

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