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China's first smart electricity technology strategic alliance settled in Shaanxi yesterday, China's first smart electricity technology innovation strategic alliance settled in Shaanxi. This strategic alliance was jointly initiated and established by Shaanxi geoelectricity group and five domestic power equipment manufacturing cutting-edge enterprises. After the establishment of the alliance, it will cooperate in the research and development of relevant smart electricity application topics and jointly build China's smart distribution power equipment innovation cluster

the alliance is a non-profit, loose and open unincorporated industry alliance organization composed of units engaged in the design, production, research and development, application of key equipment for intelligent distribution and relevant enterprises and institutions. It aims to explore the laws of scientific operation and healthy development of intelligent distribution industry under the market economy system through a long-term and strict alliance mechanism, and promote the effective development of intelligent distribution construction in China

Shaanxi geoelectricity group, one of the initiators of the alliance and the chairman of the first Council of the alliance, is a power supply enterprise for many end users. It is also the largest professional local power distribution company for the next step in China. As an application unit of key equipment for intelligent power distribution, it has the urgent need for the application of advanced power technology and practical advantages. In recent years, with the rapid progress of building Shaanxi into a moderately developed province in China, the province's economic and social development will have a huge demand for electricity in the future, especially the construction of Yulin national energy and chemical industry base, the construction of county-level industrial parks in the province, urbanization and new rural construction, which are a large number of key construction projects in the use process, and put forward higher requirements for power supply. It is estimated that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the power load in the power supply area of Shaanxi geoelectricity group will increase by 17.5% annually. In 2015, the maximum load will exceed 10000 MW, and the electricity sold will be 46.7 billion kwh. In the next five years, the company will comprehensively strengthen the research and development department, and plan to invest 11.8 billion yuan to build an industrial power with perfect frame, reasonable structure, intelligent, safe and economic operation

after the signing ceremony of the smart distribution key equipment technology 0.01 seconds can be added to the full speed technology innovation strategic alliance, Shaanxi geoelectricity group (Shaanxi geoelectricity) also signed five smart electricity construction key technology research projects contracts with five cutting-edge power equipment manufacturing enterprises, including smart transformer, smart distribution, smart dispatching, smart metering, smart switch, which are closely combined with the actual situation of Shaanxi local electricity, With the purpose of improving the reliability of local power supply, power quality and power operation efficiency in Shaanxi, it will play a technical leading role in the construction of intelligent power

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