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Smart electricity investment feast starts

smart electricity is not difficult to understand. Our current electricity is one-way dredging, just like pouring water down, and we don't have to care where and how the water flows, but the establishment of smart electricity can establish a two-way and timely feedback. Cao Yin, an analyst at frost Sullivn, said

the current electricity price may be divided into two periods: busy hours and idle hours. The division method is relatively simple, but after the establishment of smart electricity, the electricity price can present different prices at any time according to the different consumption of electricity

with more people, the electricity price becomes more expensive. With fewer people, the electricity price becomes cheaper. These data users can see at any time. Cao Yin said

on the other hand, after the smart electricity is completed, the power consumption can be reported to the power department at any time. This data is also very important for the power sector. Only with this set of data can the power sector carry out effective dispatching

smart electricity will be the future development direction of electricity in China. The 2010 No. 1 document of the State Grid Corporation of China is the "opinions on accelerating the construction of strong smart electricity", which puts forward the plan for the safe use of strong smart electricity construction in three stages: 2009-2010 is the planning pilot stage, and from the domestic point of view, it focuses on the planning work; From 2011 to 2015, we will speed up the construction of high-voltage synchronous power in North China, East China and central China, and initially form an intelligent power operation control and interactive service system; From 2016 to 2020, a unified strong smart power will be built in an all-round way

according to the previous plan of Guodian, the total investment scale of smart electricity will be close to 4trillion yuan by 2020. At present, many companies in the industry have been actively preparing for the war. Specifically, which companies will benefit from this huge investment

from the perspective of the industrial chain, smart electricity is divided into six links: power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, power consumption and dispatching, so the relevant listed companies in these six links will benefit to varying degrees in the process of smart electricity construction

Xu Chao, an analyst at Great Wall Securities, believes that the construction of smart electricity is still in its infancy and has a promising future. UHV and digital substations are the focus of China's smart power construction in the medium and short term, and the demand will increase significantly. In addition, the intelligent user-side takes the collection of power consumption information as the core, and the market scale will grow rapidly in the next few years

after combing the relevant listed companies, it is found that the industry information manufacturers, secondary equipment providers, and intelligent product providers at the power end deserve attention

industry informatization manufacturers will benefit

compared with traditional electricity, smart electricity focuses on intelligence. It is understood that China's smart electricity is based on intelligence and technology, involving a wide range of industries. Among them, the market sales of informatization in 2014 was 72.3 billion yen (3.8 billion yuan), which plays a vital role in the realization of intelligence

Shenyin Wanguo believes that software and service providers that have long been rooted in the informatization of the power industry are expected to benefit from the large-scale construction of smart electricity

at present, it equipment suppliers represented by Cisco are also actively developing smart electricity technology, which also brings more opportunities for downstream system integrators

it is understood that Donghua software's business in the power industry involves core backbone data interaction, it application system construction, etc., mainly focusing on system integration. At present, the company's business covers the vast majority of provinces. Therefore, as long as the construction of smart electricity drives the investment of provincial electricity, the company is expected to benefit

in terms of power solutions, the demand for data analysis and control of smart electricity will greatly increase, and the industry solution providers whose business involves the level of power business will be directly and obviously promoted. Neusoft group, which undertakes the core new generation marketing project in the power industry, is the largest solution provider outside the power system

the prospect of secondary equipment manufacturers is better than that of primary equipment

primary equipment mainly includes transformers and sensors. Secondary equipment refers to auxiliary equipment for monitoring, measuring, controlling and protecting primary equipment. Cao Yin said

it is understood that Guodian proposes to build strong smart power, in which strong power mainly depends on primary equipment, while smart power mainly depends on secondary equipment. In order to realize informatization, automation and intellectualization, the upgrading and transformation of intelligent electricity will mainly rely on the renewal of secondary equipment

CICC estimates that the total scale of national power investment in the next ten years will reach 3.1 trillion yuan, including about 340billion yuan of secondary equipment investment. The compound annual growth rate of secondary equipment demand will reach 20%, and its proportion in power investment will increase from 5% at present to 11% in the next decade

in addition, at present, the market of primary equipment in smart electricity, including transformers and other large equipment, is occupied by several foreign companies. Therefore, for domestic companies, secondary equipment has more opportunities to benefit

in the field of secondary equipment, at present, those who benefit greatly include Rongxin Co., Ltd., Siyuan electric, Guodian Nari, etc. Its China Power Nari has a high market position in China's power dispatching, substation automation and other fields, and is one of the important drafting units of China's smart electricity related standards

the unified intelligence of power users has been started

since smart power can report the power consumption to the power department at any time, and can also provide real-time data to enable users to better save power, in addition to the construction of power generation end, the construction of power users is also indispensable

it is understood that the intelligent transformation of power consumption terminal is one of the important aspects of intelligent power construction, which has received special attention in the United States. The use of smart meters and power consumption information acquisition terminals is being comprehensively promoted

take the smart meter as an example. It is an advanced electronic energy meter, which can provide more detailed energy consumption than ordinary meters. On the one hand, it can help the power bureau monitor and manage electricity consumption and billing; On the other hand, it can minimize the consumption of sealed electricity at high prices during peak periods according to the TOU price, and ultimately play a role in energy conservation

although it will take time for the smart electricity network to be completed, China has made obvious actions in this regard. In mid-2009, the State Grid Corporation of China withdrew the authority of smart electricity meters to be purchased by provincial electricity, implemented unified standards and unified procurement bidding procurement, and the first unified bidding was implemented in November 2009

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