Beijing invests 7billion yuan to build power grid

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Beijing will invest 7billion yuan to build 56 more power stations. By 2010, every new town in Beijing will have at least one 20 kV substation. The power supply reliability of the new town will reach the domestic advanced level, forming a new pattern of new town power. This was learned from the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission on December 18

according to the plan, by the end of 2010, the city (no matter how well a machine is used in Beijing, it can't keep up with the after-sales service) plans to invest about 7billion yuan in the power construction in the new city area and build 56 substations. Up to now, there are 88 substations in 11 new towns, and the power supply capacity has increased by 25% compared with the end of the Tenth Five Year Plan period. The power structure of new towns has begun to take shape

"in order to solve the problem of insufficient funds for power construction in the early stage of the new town area and meet the power demand of the rapid development of the new town industry, according to the idea of transferring government investment to the suburbs, inclining to the new town, and concentrating funds and forces to build a number of key infrastructure in advance, by the end of 2008, Beijing had invested 400million yuan of government funds in the power construction of the new town, guiding power enterprises to invest 2.8 billion yuan." Luo Yong, deputy director of the power management office of the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, introduced

it is understood that in order to speed up the construction of Xincheng power, the city has taken measures to open up green approval channels for key power projects and shorten the project approval cycle; Support and coordinate the preliminary work and speed up the construction progress; Strive to reduce the construction cost and a series of incentive measures, and in view of the shortage of construction funds, in-depth study the way of government capital investment, such as changing subsidies for individual key projects into direct investment, changing passive investment into active investment, actively guiding enterprises to increase investment, and comprehensively promoting the construction of power infrastructure in the new city

Luo Yong revealed that in the next two years, 32 220 kV and 110 kV substations will be built in 11 new towns, with a total of 120 by 2010, ensuring that each new town has at least one 220 kV substation. Among the three key new cities, Shunyi 3 Impact: press the impact button to increase the number of new towns from the current two 220 kV substations to four, Tongzhou new town from three to four, and Yizhuang new town from one to two

in the next two years, the city will continue to promote the construction of new rural electrification through the testing of test pieces. By the end of 2010, it is expected to build 8 electrified districts and counties, 100 electrified townships and 1500 electrified villages, and improve the power supply capacity by 50%

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