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China's first smart heavy truck: smart "big guy" drives on the new Silk Road

China's first smart heavy truck: smart "big guy" drives on the new Silk Road

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Hi, I'm a young heavy truck. Engineers define me as "the first smart truck of generation I". After more than six years of research and development and testing, in September 2016, I was officially launched by China National Heavy Duty Truck Group in Jinan. At the Shanghai International Auto Show in April this year, I once again attracted widespread attention

this is the production workshop of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group

although I'm young, I'm big, weighing 18 tons, and can also transport 35 tons of goods. What about? My "strength" is OK

bearing the name of "China's first smart heavy truck", I have powerful active safety functions that my friends don't have temporarily:

for example, relying on the radar in the front of the car, I have two functions: Adaptive Cruise (ACC) and automatic emergency braking (AEB), which can not only liberate the drivers' feet, reduce driving fatigue, but also prevent "kissing" with the car in front at critical times

vehicle automation production line of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group

for another example, relying on the camera device on the head, I can also provide lane departure warning (LDW) for drivers. 2. Long term and frequent use may lead to fuel reduction or deterioration. If you don't pay attention to "cross line driving", my timely reminder is likely to avoid a traffic accident in the field of surface protective materials such as coating, UV absorber, UV proof pad or film

in addition, drivers often feel like walking on thin ice and cautious in the face of slippery roads and steep slopes in rainy and snowy days. My body stability control system (ESC) and ramp assist system (HSA) can add safety guarantee for starting on slippery roads and steep slopes...

technicians carefully check the front part of heavy trucks

before being officially launched, I have been tested and verified by thousands of dangerous goods carriers, and there has been no collision or rollover

this is the smart truck of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group. These bridges can keep driving on the road for more than 75 years.

now, I have another "small goal" and hope that more old drivers can drive me around the countries along the "the Belt and Road". As a means of production and transportation, I look forward to playing a more important role in the construction of the "the Belt and Road"

this is the "going out" of China National Heavy Truck Group, participating in the national auto exhibition along the "the Belt and Road"

according to the statistics of China National Heavy Truck Group, which researched and manufactured me, China national heavy truck has been exported to more than 90 countries and regions around the world, including 33 along the "the Belt and Road"; In the first quarter of this year alone, nearly 4000 heavy trucks were sold in countries along the "the Belt and Road", of which about 800 were produced in local countries, which promoted local economic and social development

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