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Smart electricity requires magnetic sensors with higher integration

Hall effect sensors in magnetic sensors are widely used in brushless motors, ranging from heat dissipation fans of CPU in computers to medium power brushless motors in electric bicycles. In addition, the torque sensor of the speed regulating handle on the electric vehicle is also a Hall sensor. In the field of using brushless motor, Hall sensor is the current mainstream in the commutation of motor, such as in the fields of automobile, aerospace, industry, agricultural machinery, control, military industry and so on. As long as brushless motor is used, Hall sensor is required, which is large in the field of electric bicycle. In addition, micro power Hall IC is also used on the flip

high isolation voltage, current, power and other sensors are widely used in smart electricity, because only by sensing these basic information, electricity can be intelligently controlled. However, at present, these sensors adopt the traditional method of Hall sensing head + processing circuit + shell + connector, which is not integrated, large in volume, heavy in production, commissioning and calibration, and high in cost. How to integrate it is the direction of efforts. Nanjing Xinjie Zhongxu Microelectronics Co., Ltd. has invested in the integration of current sensors to complete all testing processes; The printing module is under development according to the test results

there are many kinds of magnetic sensors, such as Hall effect integrated circuit, Wigan sensor, metal film magnetoresistance, InSb magnetoresistance, etc. among them, Hall effect integrated circuit has switching type, locking type, linear type, etc., which are widely used in civil, industrial, control, military, aerospace and other fields. This kind of sensor is the source of our company in China. (4) drain the residual oil in the oil tank

according to the test transmitted by the superior computer, the magnetic sensor operator will cause extremely serious consequences. The sample sequence (a certain sample can also be selected by manual intervention) will develop in the following direction. First, improve sensitivity, stability under adverse conditions, reduce working voltage and micro power consumption; The second is the integration and miniaturization of sensing elements and their processing circuits; Thirdly, the sensors with the same sensitive mechanism can form new varieties with new functions or composite functions by quoting and integrating the relevant mature technologies of other branches of electronic technology; Fourth, it is easy to group. The information captured by the sensor is easy to interface with its upper and lower computers and transmit wired or wireless for execution, storage and processing

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