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Smart electricity is the development direction of the power industry

on June 22, the 2011 China Clean Power Forum and China International Clean Energy Expo, jointly hosted by the China Electricity Council, the China Council for the promotion of international trade and Cologne International Exhibition Co., Ltd., was grandly opened at the National Convention Center in Beijing

Ouyang Changyu, Deputy Secretary General of the China Electricity Council, made a wonderful speech at the meeting

Ouyang Changyu introduced the achievements made in the development of China's power industry. He said that first, the current layout of China's power structure has been gradually optimized. Second, the installed capacity of non fossil energy power generation is increasing, and the layout begins to shift to the West and North, which is consistent with China's primary energy structure and energy strategy. Third, the ability of China's green development has been significantly improved. Fourth, the level of technology and equipment has been significantly improved. Fifth, the system and mechanism management has been constantly innovated. Sixth, the enterprise society has actively implemented it

at the same time, Ouyang Changyu said that although China's power industry has made some achievements, it still faces severe challenges. First, China will maintain a relatively high growth in power demand in the next decade, even two or three decades. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the national electric power 1. Any product that will produce bad products in a certain period of time due to transportation, use, storage, collision and vibration will also maintain an annual average of 8.5%. The cross-sectional area here will sharply reduce the growth rate, which means that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, 500 billion kwh of electricity will be added every year. Second, the third energy revolution and the scientific and technological revolution have brought challenges to energy. Green power generation and non fossil energy power generation are increasingly urgent, which has brought great challenges to the power industry. Third, the challenges brought by social progress, especially the development of people's livelihood, gradually put forward new requirements for power development. China's power industry is changing from the development stage of large units, ultra-high voltage, West to East power transmission, and the all China Federation to a new stage of development of green power generation, UHV, and smart electricity

about the value characteristics of the development of China's power industry. Ouyang Changyu summed it up in four sentences and eight words: safety, economy, green and harmony. He said that safety is the basis for the development of the power industry. There are at least three aspects. First, we must constantly meet the effective needs of economic and social development. If there is a large area of power shortage in our country, it must not be safe, so we must first meet the effective demand. Second, the internal security of power supply. The power system should maintain a state of safe and stable operation, and resist external attacks, including physical attacks, including network attacks, etc. there are large but weak problems in the development of plastic flexible packaging in China. The third is human factors, including military strikes, terrorist activities and so on

economic conditions for the development of electric power industry in the city. China is still in the middle stage of industrialization and the primary stage of socialism. In order to realize the revitalization of the Chinese people, complete industrialization and realize China's modernization, we must maintain a relatively cheap energy supply, including power supply, in order to catch up with western countries and enter the list of modern countries as soon as possible

green is the development trend of power industry. Green itself is three aspects, the first is high efficiency, the second is the development of clean energy, and the third is recycling

harmony is the development direction of power industry. It includes four aspects. First, we should coordinate and promote each other, promote the coordinated development of the region, coordinate the development with the upstream and downstream industries of the power industry, promote the comprehensive development of human beings and other social and livelihood development, and constantly increase social welfare. The second is to implement the right to know, and the third is to implement the choice

Ouyang Changyu said that the development direction of the power industry is intelligent power system, or strong smart electricity or smart electricity. Developing intelligent power system is the most effective way to realize the development value characteristics of power industry, and it is also the development direction of modern power industry. Developing intelligent power system can ensure that it is safer, more economical, greener and more harmonious. At the same time, intelligent power system is a strong intelligent power in a broad sense, which can effectively solve the challenges of future development

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