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Sany group's participation in the first Asia Europe Expo kicked off the Sany brand in the hinterland of Asia and Europe

Sany group's participation in the first Asia Europe Expo kicked off the Sany brand in the hinterland of Asia and Europe

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must affect normal work guide: on September 1, 2011, the first five-day China Asia Europe Expo kicked off in Urumqi International Convention and Exhibition Center. According to statistics, the total number of visitors to the five-day exhibition is more than 315800, the number of professional businessmen attending the exhibition is more than 50000, the number of foreign trade endorsements in the exhibition is more than 800billion yuan, and 150 at home and abroad

on September 1, 2011, the first five-day "China Asia Europe Expo" kicked off at Urumqi International Convention and Exhibition Center. According to statistics, the total number of visitors to the five-day exhibition was more than 315800, with more than 50000 professional businessmen attending the exhibition, more than 800billion yuan of internal trade signing, 1400 participants from 150 media at home and abroad, and the Asia Europe Expo was successfully upgraded to an international regional comprehensive Expo

as the largest exhibitor of this exhibition, in the outdoor exhibition area of the Expo, the "Sany red" from Changsha is particularly eye-catching, and the construction machinery products are lined up. The Sany flag has been in the doldrums since 2010, becoming the biggest highlight to attract visitors

the largest exhibition area, Sany presents gifts to the Asian Expo

the first Asian Expo in China is jointly hosted by 27 departments. Nearly 10 national leaders, including Vice Premier Li Keqiang, and more than 300 senior officials at the provincial and ministerial levels in China and foreign countries, industrial and commercial organizations and businessmen fully agree with your views on the development of bilateral relations. Association leaders, representatives of international organizations, foreign envoys in China and Chinese envoys abroad Senior executives of Fortune 500 enterprises and other heavyweight guests attended the opening ceremony, the main forum and a series of important activities

Sany group participated in the first Asia Europe Expo

as China's first engineering machinery and the world's top six engineering machinery, Fu Jianli, head of Sany group, took out several inspection reports such as environmental protection glue and surface anti-skid rubber particles to attack this Expo, and became the largest exhibitor with a booth area of 4200 square meters, including its concrete machinery, excavation machinery, hoisting machinery, piling machinery 27 products from six business divisions including road machinery shocked the audience. The star products on display include the new e-generation Tianjiao 62 meter pump truck that went to Japan to rescue the Fukushima nuclear power plant, the first domestic double steel wheel roller that won the German Red Dot industrial design award, the energy-saving star sy215 excavator with the same level of sales volume that ranks first in China, the first domestic 220 ton five bridge all terrain crane, and the new second-generation multifunctional roadheader that ranks first in China's market share

A highlight of the exhibition area is that coal machinery participated in the group exhibition for the first time. On the same day, Sany Heavy Equipment grandly launched a new second-generation roadheader, shearer, scraper conveyor, hydraulic support and other categories of equipment, and held a new conference of ebz260d cantilever roadheader (large slope). Sany Heavy equipment also signed a large order worth more than 40 million yuan for the qmz200 combined coal mining unit on the same day. It is reported that this is also the largest signing on the first day of the Asia Europe Expo

rebuild a Sany Heavy Industry in Xinjiang

at this exhibition, Sany successfully performed "quality changes the world and creates a better life" by creating a simple, exquisite, dynamic, atmospheric, innovative and life filled display atmosphere (Better quality,Better life!) The brand-new exhibition theme and brand communication mode have achieved a magnificent turn from the tile direct product introduction to the dissemination of brand image concept

in recent years, the development achievements of Sany group have attracted attention. In 2011, Sany Group continued its exciting development momentum, and its sales in the first half of the year increased by 80% year-on-year. Sany pump truck rushed to Japan, "the world's first crane" 3600 ton crawler crane came off the line, Sany Heavy Industry was listed in the Financial Times' top 500 global market capitalization and other major events, which made Sany brand's popularity and reputation rise steadily. Hefaliang, the on-site commander of the Sany exhibition and assistant to the president of Sany group, believes that to become a world-class brand, it is necessary to realize the transition from "customer satisfaction" to "stakeholder satisfaction"

he Faliang said that Xinjiang market has broad prospects. It is the gateway to Central Asia, West Asia and South Asia. Last year, Sany's sales revenue of concrete machinery alone in Xinjiang was nearly 700million yuan. In the first half of this year, the order of concrete machinery and equipment reached 1.1 billion yuan. On April 20 this year, Sany northwest Heavy Industry Park held a grand foundation laying ceremony. The marketing service network will radiate Xinjiang and even the whole Central Asia. In the future, Sany group will rely on the northwest heavy industry park and steadily move towards the goal of "rebuilding Sany"

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