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Sany group was listed in the first batch of intelligent manufacturing pilot enterprises in Hunan

Sany group was listed in the tensile test of Lake 3 and copper rod

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June 26, The launch of the key project of building a strong manufacturing province in Hunan (marijn Dekkers, the first "CEO, said at a press conference) and the awarding ceremony of the 2015 (eighth) dual use new materials forum of Hunan intelligent manufacturing demonstration enterprise were held in Changsha. Ten enterprises including Sany group have become "Hunan intelligent manufacturing demonstration enterprises"

Yin LiNbO, deputy director of the provincial Commission of economy and information technology, said that the launching of the first batch of key projects for building a strong manufacturing province in Hunan and the awarding of the first batch of intelligent manufacturing demonstration enterprises in Hunan are another specific measure for Hunan to implement the "five ones" work plan for building a strong manufacturing province in "made in China 2025" after the establishment of the coordination and promotion group for building a strong manufacturing province in Hunan and the Expert Advisory Committee for building a strong manufacturing province in Hunan, It marks the comprehensive start of Hunan Province's connection with "made in China 2025" to build a strong manufacturing province

the first batch of key projects for the construction of a strong manufacturing province in Hunan, with a total investment of 35.486 billion yuan, involves a new generation of information technology, high-end CNC machine tools and robots, aerospace equipment, marine engineering equipment and high-tech ships. 4: due to the frequent use of the jaws of hydraulic universal testing machines and other 10 national strategic key areas, as well as engineering machinery, energy conservation and environmental protection, these two advantageous manufacturing areas in Hunan

The construction machinery industry where Sany is located is a national strategic industry, which emphasizes the use of information technology to upgrade the manufacturing industry, establish an advanced manufacturing and management system, and expand and strengthen China's manufacturing industry. The company has firmly grasped the wave of informatization, explored new growth points, and made smart factories and big data play an increasingly important role in enterprise development

in 2011, Sany's general assembly workshop in Changsha was the largest intelligent manufacturing workshop in Asia, which is a model of Sany's industrial informatization construction. Here, the "Sany speed" of one pump truck offline in one hour is created. At present, the technology of digital factory has been applied in more than 30 business units, which has promoted the transformation of the company's production mode. Therefore, Sany's digital factory has won the reputation of "smart factory"

Sany completes the connection between enterprises and equipment terminals through the independently developed information system ECC global enterprise control center, and takes the lead in opening the application of IOT in the industry. ECC can control equipment, dispatch workers nearby, and collect information such as fuel consumption and safety. The automation of customer relationship management has been basically realized. These huge data from construction equipment can be used to guide enterprise research and development, manufacturing and market analysis

at present, the company has entered the advanced stage of process informatization reform. It is hoped that through process informatization, the core business processes of the enterprise such as R & D, business, manufacturing, sales and service can be sorted out, and the end-to-end efficient enterprise chain can be opened up to achieve excellent operation

in the future, Sany will make more use of cutting-edge technologies such as big data, cloud computing, virtual integration, 3D printing, robots and so on to improve the company's intelligent manufacturing and operation capabilities. He Dongdong, senior vice president of Sany Heavy Industry and director of process informatization headquarters, said that Sany hopes to drive the intelligent upgrading of the whole industry through its own practice, drive the coordinated development of global intelligent manufacturing equipment enterprises, and create China's first "industry 4.0" demonstration zone

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