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Sany group marches into housing industrialization to boost Hunan's two type construction

Sany group marches into housing industrialization to boost Hunan's two type construction

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Sany Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989. Since its establishment, Sany group has adhered to the corporate vision of "creating a first-class enterprise, cultivating first-class talents and making first-class contributions", and created a well-known "Sany" brand in the industry. At present, Sany has become the first construction machinery manufacturer in China and the fifth in the world. Compared with the more traditional composite materials and metal based solutions, Sany Heavy Industry, the core enterprise of the group, was listed on July 3, 2003. In July 2011, it was shortlisted as one of the top 500 ft global market capitalization enterprises, becoming the only Chinese construction machinery enterprise on the list

in 2012, Sany group decided to enter the field of modernization of the construction industry, and transferred elite soldiers to form a R & D team of more than 200 people. In 2014, Sany Group acquired Zhongshan (real estate) kuaiju Housing Industry Co., Ltd., the first enterprise to enter the modernization field of the construction industry in China, and established Hunan Sany kuaiju Housing Industry Co., Ltd. After two years of exploration and practice, Sany has become the only PC complete equipment manufacturer in China, which can provide complete sets of equipment for production, transportation and installation, such as mixing plant, PC automatic production line, special component production equipment, steel bar processing, component special transport vehicle, heavy forklift, heavy tower crane, production management system, etc. At present, a large number of powerful enterprises, such as CSCEC, China Railway, Hebei Construction, Chongqing Construction Engineering Group, Zhongtian construction, Baoye group, Dongfanghong construction, have selected Sany's complete sets of equipment, and the market share ranks first

under the leadership and support of the provincial and municipal housing and construction departments, the company was successively approved as "national housing industrialization base" and "new building industrialization integrated construction engineering technology research center of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development" two national research centers for the modernization of the construction industry in March 2015; In July 2015, it was approved as the first batch of Housing Industrialization Bases in Hunan Province. At present, Sany has mastered the core application technology of BIM, has strong capabilities in the design, manufacturing and construction of prefabricated houses, and has more than 40 technical patents related to housing industrialization, which has developed into a leading enterprise in housing industrialization

Sany group not only provides complete sets of equipment for the modernization of the construction industry, but also carries out extensive cooperation with domestic architectural design, construction and real estate development enterprises to promote China's construction industrialization

1. In the field of architectural design, Sany group has carried out extensive cooperation with China architectural standards design and Research Institute, Shenzhen (real estate) Huayang International, Shanghai (real estate) Modern Design Institute and other units. On September 16, 2014, Sany group held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony with China national building standards design and Research Institute, which formulates national standards, in Beijing (real estate). The two enterprises will first cooperate in the research and formulation of national building industrialization standards, the design and implementation of industrialized buildings, personnel training and other fields. In June this year, the nine national building standard design atlas of the modernization series of the construction industry, such as the technical specification for prefabricated concrete structures and prefabricated concrete shear wall structures, led by the China building standards design and Research Institute and co compiled by SANY group, were successfully released. These atlas have formed the national general prefabricated concrete shear wall residential structure system and the first national general residential series prefabricated components for the first time, with comprehensive, coordinated content It can comprehensively guide the excellent design, construction and component production of tensile resilience and elongation, solve the current outstanding problems, fill the industry gap, and provide strong technical support for the modernization of China's construction industry

2. In the field of construction, Sany group and CSCEC and its subordinate engineering bureaus; China Railway Construction Engineering Bureau; Large provincial construction enterprises (such as Shanghai Construction Engineering Group, Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group, Hunan Construction Engineering Group, etc.); Large private construction engineering groups (such as Dongfanghong, Zhongtian, Baoye, etc.) have carried out specific cooperation in the field of modernization of the construction industry, and the construction engineering enterprises with strong national strength have become the strategic partners of Sany. Sany will fully cooperate with them in the field of construction and assembly to jointly promote the modernization of the construction industry

3. Real estate development enterprises: Sany group has reached intentions or signed cooperation agreements with many large real estate enterprises across the country to jointly develop industrialized residential projects. (such as Vanke, its strong demonstration drive and radiation effect Tianjin (real estate) housing group, Hunan Huasheng Lufeng group, etc.)

4. International joint venture and cooperation: Sany group cooperates with international advanced software and equipment manufacturers to jointly develop relevant software and mechanical equipment products. In 2015, in the process of using each kind of experimental machine between Sany group and Germany, there were some meticulous differences. Nemechek group held the licensing ceremony of BIM talent training center in Hunan Sany Industrial Vocational and technical college, and jointly built the only authorized BIM training center in China, aiming to cultivate high-level BIM professionals who can effectively meet social needs, promote the application and development of BIM, and improve the contribution rate of BIM to the development of the construction industry, Realize the scientific development of modern building industrialization guided and promoted by building informatization

5. International market: in response to the national call and closely following the national strategy of the "the Belt and Road", Sany group has successively invited ambassadors or government officials from South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, Russia and other countries to visit Sany to discuss the implementation of industrialized housing projects in the region. And has reached a cooperation intention with the countries in the above regions

6. Talent training: Sany Institute of technology is a national college, which can accommodate 8000 students. It is planned to open majors such as BIM, PC manufacturing and factory management from 2015 to cultivate urgently needed talents for construction industrialization

at present, Sany group has developed into a leading enterprise in the whole industrial chain of construction industrialization, whose business covers plant construction planning, provision of complete sets of equipment, plant operation, talent training, architectural design, manufacturing and assembly of finished houses, etc. Sany group will continue to uphold the mission of "quality changes the world", carry forward the spirit of Hunan people "dare to be the first", lead the innovation of industrial technology of construction industrialization through the continuous practice of construction industrialization, and make greater contributions to the construction of two oriented society in Hunan and the global green environmental protection industry

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