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Sany group opened the era of crm1.0

on December 3, 2015, following the successful pilot launch of CRM system in Sany subsidiaries in the United States and Thailand the previous month, eight agents of Sany group also welcomed the successful launch of CRM system. So far, Sany group has opened the curtain of crm1.0 era

c and the growth rate of double clutch transmission and continuously variable transmission has exceeded 20%, RM project is the first strategic project of Sany group's whole industrial chain business transformation, It covers the process from "lead opportunity proposal to delivery" and "customer service problem proposal to solution" "And other marketing service core businesses; at the same time, according to the host sales end-to-end process penetration strategy, the financing creditor's rights management function has been developed. Through the establishment of CRM platform, the company's marketing management, service management, accessories management, credit management, if there is any, please timely eliminate or notify the company, financing management, creditor's rights and debt management, etc. after the experiment, the handle should not be loose, which will take a new step.

the domestic CRM project is led by the director of Sany group and the third party Mr. Xiang Wenbo, President of No. 1 heavy industry group, served as the commander in chief, Mr. Liang Zaizhong, director and senior vice president of Sany group, served as the deputy commander in chief, and Mr. He Dongdong, senior vice president and director of Process Information Department of Sany group, served as the project director. Xiang Wenbo, the commander in chief, asked all online units to resolutely implement the online work requirements of the project team and make every effort to ensure the successful launch of the CRM system. And instructed the project team to immediately start the system operation and maintenance guarantee scheme to ensure smooth operation, and resolutely promote the long-term use and continuous optimization of the system. According to the first phase plan of the group's CRM project, the project team will complete the promotion of a total of about 105 agents in the pumping, heavy machinery and hoisting business divisions by March 31, 2016. At that time, the existing DMS, CSM and other systems of the three business divisions of the group will be uniformly replaced by the CRM platform

from the formal signing of the project contract with IBM to the successful launch of the CRM project, it took one year before and after the CRM project, and both parties invested full-time personnel to operate the mouse; 150 people, and the participating members cover all members of the three business divisions and agent marketing services. 152 business processes, 293 function development, 426 user training, 452 function roles, 761 test steps, and sorting out more than 200000 customer information have laid a solid foundation for the success of CRM projects

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