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Sany group funded Mingzhao capital to set up in Beijing, holding industry 4.0

Sany group funded Mingzhao capital to set up in Beijing, holding industry 4.0

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recently, Mingzhao capital, initiated by SANY group and local leading venture capital institutions, was established in Beijing. The capital will focus on the innovation investment in industry 4.0 and IOT, and plans to invest in 50 projects within three years

it is understood that Mingzhao capital is funded by SANY group. Relying on rich industry resources and years of insight into the market, it aims to find entrepreneurs who are interested in making business achievements in industry 4.0 and IOT, and provide financial support, resource docking and experience assistance. It will assist entrepreneurs to establish business organizations with core competitiveness and key resources, meet users, achieve China's export of 5.6729 million tons of non-ferrous metals by general trade, and give back to shareholders and contribute to society

"the digital age has brought unprecedented efficiency improvements, which have a profound impact on public lifestyles and business models while spawning various innovative products." Liang Jiezhong, director of Sany, said at the press conference that this spring, he went to Germany to investigate the development of local industry 4.0. He was deeply impressed by the huge opportunities brought by digitalization to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in promoting the universal tensile testing machine system maintenance market, technology and industry. "We hope that in the future, there will be more outstanding enterprises and brands from China in the peak competition in the world's industrial field." Liang Zaizhong said

Gao Daming, partner of Mingzhao capital, also shared his views on the venture capital thinking of industry 4.0 at the meeting. He believes that industry 4.0 is extremely feasible and urgent at present, and the impact of mobile Internet and industrial upgrading pressure have promoted this change. In the next five years, the development of industry 4.0 in China will experience a stage of integration and connection. Mingzhao capital will invest in innovative products that have the potential to become data carriers, network infrastructure and expandable standard parts. Mingzhao capital is characterized by its management team having rich industry experience and connection ability, reserving senior professionals in the main investment direction, and fully docking with Sany group's industrial strength, financial innovation, and sharing investment in the investment accumulation of consumer level interconnection


Mingzhao capital has three offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. It invests in entrepreneurial teams and small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of industry 4.0 or IOT. It is the main investment in the a-round or angel stage. The single investment scale is focused on 5 to 10million yuan, especially focusing on: sensitive materials and sensors, intelligent materials, and actively promote the large-scale of existing enterprise equipment, modernization workflow, power and transmission system, motion control For the innovation in industrial communication and image, enterprise informatization, industrial e-commerce, industrial integrated circuits and other directions, the investment strategy does not aim at short-term financial return, and is committed to helping entrepreneurs build enterprises with long-term market value

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