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Sany group joined hands with Zhongsheng Jianzhi distributed photovoltaic

on November 23, Sany solar energy under Sany group and Zhongsheng energy under Zhongsheng Group signed a cooperation agreement in Shanghai. According to the agreement, the two sides will jointly invest to establish a joint venture to launch the roof distributed photovoltaic market. The first batch of 150MW distributed photovoltaic projects jointly developed have entered the stage of preparation and commencement

the main business of the newly established joint venture will involve photovoltaic power station investment, development, design, construction, operation and maintenance and other fields. Sany group will provide all plant roofs of its domestic manufacturing base to the joint venture, carry out the investment, construction and operation of distributed photovoltaic power stations, provide convenient conditions for project development and construction, actively coordinate with local development and Reform Commission and other government departments and power companies, and facilitate the project filing, power access approval and other work. With its professional project management team, Zhongsheng energy provides a complete set of service plans for power station design, procurement, construction, etc., controls each link of the power station with high standards, and provides professional teams and first-class photovoltaic power station operation and maintenance system, software platform, training power station operation and maintenance personnel, while providing resources and professional technical support for the joint venture to develop external projects

as the first batch of distributed photovoltaic power stations of the joint venture, 150MW roof power stations are developed in the mode of "self use and surplus electricity". The project involves the plant roofs of more than 10 industrial parks of Sany group, including Changde, Lianyuan, Loudi, Shaoyang, Changsha, Yiyang, Changshu, Kunshan, Shenyang, Shanghai and Xinjiang, with an area of about 2million square meters

Sany group entered the field of wind power manufacturing in 2007 and began to try the construction of distributed roof photovoltaic power stations in 2014. Liang Zaizhong, director and senior vice president of Sany group, said that in the future development plan of Sany group, new energy will become one of its core business segments. In the future, Sany solar will focus on the investment and operation of distributed power stations, the development of distributed energy generation and power purchase and sale systems, household distributed energy interconnection and big data platforms. In addition, Sany group's consideration of new energy also includes electric vehicles and charging piles. Therefore, at present, the products produced by Chinese enterprises are mainly used in small and medium-sized projects, rooftop household energy solutions, buildings and smart electricity. "Sany group has outstanding financial strength and its own banking and insurance system, which plays a strong supporting role in the development of our various industries." Liang Zaizhong said

according to Liang Zaizhong, it has caused a lot of economic losses. Sany group's vision is to explore a truth in the "combination of industry and finance, investment and loan linkage." to achieve the combination of industry and finance, we must focus on the development of the industry. From the perspective of industry, we still feel that the financial support for industrial refinement is not in place. " Therefore, Sany group hopes to take the high-end manufacturing route in the combination of industry and finance. Its goal is to become a professional institution in the field of new energy and help promote the layout and development of the upstream and downstream industrial chain of new energy

before this cooperation, Sany group made a small-scale attempt with its roof, and was able to recover its investment annually. Liang Zaizhong believes that investing in photovoltaic in combination with finance will make photovoltaic assets more high-quality and effectively control asset risks. "We have the ability to make assets through manufacturing and can effectively control risks. We hope to promote the development of the industry through finance and provide high-quality assets through industrial development." It is reported that in the future, Sany group will make full use of this cooperation opportunity to build its own operation and evaluation team to control assets from the front end and launch financial products to serve the distributed photovoltaic industry

in recent years, Zhongsheng energy has focused on providing global customers with overall solutions covering the whole life cycle of photovoltaic power stations. Before 2015, the main market of Zhongsheng energy was overseas. Since 2015, China's photovoltaic market has been further subdivided, and Zhongsheng energy has accelerated its return to China. However, considering the risk that high-grade digital incremental sensors often adopt sinusoidal waveforms to large ground power stations, Zhongsheng energy focuses on distributed photovoltaic power stations and is vigorously deploying the domestic industrial and commercial distributed photovoltaic market

when attending the signing ceremony, Wang Xinghua, chairman of Zhongsheng group, said that China's photovoltaic "Chengtou changing King flag, you sing and I come on stage". After years of development, it has shown four remarkable characteristics, "rapid technological progress, many business models, strong ability to reduce the cost of kilowatt hour electricity, and increasingly strong financial attributes". "By introducing the overseas advanced PPA (power purchase and sale mode) business model, Zhongsheng will strive to make Chinese industrial and commercial owners use cleaner and economical solar power." Wang Xinghua said

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