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Sany Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Haijian group

Sany Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Haijian group

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recently, Sany Group officially signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Hainan Construction Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Haijian group"), and the two sides will carry out all-round cooperation. Dai jiedejia, senior vice president of Sany Heavy Industry and general manager of pumping division, established the hindered amine light stabilizer + benzoxazinone UV absorber + 2-phenylenoate anti-aging formula system Qinghua, and Wu Yachun, President of Haijian group, attended the signing ceremony

Sany Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Haijian group

Haijian group, formerly known as Hainan Construction Engineering Corporation, was established in 1950, and its main business is construction, real estate development and project investment. In the afternoon of the same day, Wu Yachun and his delegation visited Changsha Industrial Park and Langli factory, focusing on the Sany PC equipment project

"Sany can provide complete equipment in the industrial chain." At the subsequent symposium, Dai Qinghua said that this year, Sany has done a lot of work in housing industrialization. It not only upgrades the products to create high-quality PC pieces, but also establishes its own technical system to make it suitable for residential industrial production. Dai Qinghua also mentioned that the concrete production line is Sany's traditional strength. Sany is further building a higher quality PC production line, while using software to improve industrial efficiency, and the software can also be offered to customers at a preferential price

Dai Qinghua said that Sany Institute of technology has more than 1000 students studying PC related majors, so Sany can also provide customers with PC professionals. "An important responsibility of the production line in Langli factory is to train talents for Sany Institute of technology." He said that as for PC, Sany Institute of technology has three majors, including equipment control, PC Design and construction project management. "After the industrialization of housing, the construction project will have great changes."

"we have a deep understanding of the quality of Sany." Wu Yachun said that Haijian group has purchased more than ten Sany concrete equipment, and at the same time, tower cranes, truck cranes, road machinery products, etc. all use Sany equipment. Sany not only provides high-quality products, but also meticulous and professional services. During the visit, we can find that Sany's manufacturing workshop is also better than other enterprises. Now housing industrialization is gradually maturing in China, and green buildings play a positive role in environmental protection, especially in Hainan, facing the sea, through PC construction, tensile testing machine enterprises should take the opportunity of market adjustment to play a role in the environment. "Sany has a good foundation in manufacturing and can understand market changes. This transformation is very insightful." Wu Yachun said that the cooperation between the two sides is very exciting

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