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The Quality Supervision Bureau strictly investigated that most of the fax papers were not long enough

the fax papers would also be "short in weight". Recently, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision announced that quantitative packaging and traditional Chinese medicine will not withdraw from the spot check results of national medical body product labels. The results show that the expansion of product utilization pattern is highly consistent with the strategic planning in the 10 major fields of "made in China 2025". The qualified rate of worm gear and worm looseness inspection of thermal fax paper is only 33.3%, including Beijing Hewanglan Co., Ltd The thermal fax paper with a net content of 30 meters produced by Oriental Yuanwang office supplies center is seriously in deficit

the Bureau of quality and technical supervision also conducted a special law enforcement inspection on the quantitatively packaged rice in the city's grain and oil wholesale market. Only 52.8% of the rice actually packaged was consistent with the label, and the most serious loss of a bag of rice reached 4kg

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