The fire of Hangzhou No. 1 processing plant affect

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A fire in Hangzhou No. 1 processing plant affected the paint warehouse Tonglu fire fighting under high temperature

a fire in Hangzhou No. 1 processing plant affected the paint warehouse Tonglu fire fighting under high temperature according to the personalized needs of customers in different utilization industries in China

August 4, 2015

[China paint information] at 8:40 a.m. on August 2, Hangzhou Tonglu fire brigade received a public alarm that the Desen processing plant in Yuanchuan village, Yaolin town was on fire and asked for rescue. After receiving the alarm, the brigade quickly dispatched 5 fire engines, and more than 30 officers and soldiers rushed to the scene for disposal. The fire was completely extinguished at about 12:08 p.m. on August 2 after three hours of hard work by fire officers and soldiers who could effectively control the reflection/emission of infrared radiation. The fire caused no casualties

in the morning, users can contact the computer supplier or the local joint insurance unit through us. At 8:40, after receiving the alarm, the fire brigade officers and soldiers rushed to the fire scene. On the way to the scene, the fire officers and soldiers saw the thick smoke billowing into the sky above the accident scene from a distance, and the air was filled with a suffocating pungent smell. From a distance, the whole processing plant looked like a "fireball". After the fire officers and soldiers arrived at the scene, they found that the whole processing plant had become a sea of fire, although the full-time fire brigade who had previously arrived at the scene was struggling to put out the fire, But the fire has not been controlled and is still spreading rapidly

later, after inquiring insiders and on-site reconnaissance, we learned that there were layers of wooden products on the left side of the factory, and the fire spread rapidly. Soon, the whole processing plant became a sea of fire. The paint warehouse, which is only separated by a wall from the fire site, was also affected. At this time, the wind quickly spread to the surrounding areas by taking advantage of the fire. If the fire is not controlled in time, once the fire spreads to the plant on the right, it will cause a situation of continuous fire and camp, with unimaginable consequences

according to the on-site situation, the on-site commander issued a battle order, immediately cut off all power supplies in the plant area, laid three main lines, sent three water guns to encircle and shoot water from around the fire plant, and set up a foam water gun on the side of the plant to extinguish the fire in the paint warehouse. The method of "interception and encirclement" was adopted to prevent the further spread of the fire. At about 11:50, the fire was effectively controlled. In order to prevent smoldering, fire officers and soldiers used hooks and fire axes to pick out the smoldering fires under the accumulation of wood one by one and put them out. After fighting for more than three hours, the fire was completely extinguished. They successfully saved the wood processing plant on the right and the adjacent hillsides, fields and crops from the fire

according to statistics, the fire area was nearly 200 square meters. At present, the specific cause of the fire is under further investigation

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