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The first 12000 ton white card paper line in the West came out in April. With China's imminent accession to WTO and the implementation of the strategic decision of the western development, the existing old enterprises of traditional products are facing a severe test of survival, survival and development. Therefore, in the face of this situation, Sichuan Mianyang basin Puming paper mill will not retreat, strive for the initiative, meet the challenges, dare to compete and be good at competition in the market competition, adhere to technological innovation, adopt new processes and new technologies to transform the existing equipment, so as to upgrade the traditional and old products of the enterprise, enhance the efficient utilization of advantageous resources, and continuously develop new products that are marketable in the market, At the beginning of this year, the company took the lead in the development of white card paper in western provinces and urban areas, which was favored by many users. At the same time, it successfully transmitted it to the computer through RS232, creating a road of enterprise prosperity

the factory is a professional factory that produces a series of paperboard, coated paperboard, high gloss coated paperboard, and various types of gray gold and silver card base paper. Due to the good production management and operation of the plant, the enterprise has grown steadily. At the beginning of this year, it was rated as an advanced enterprise with a tax payment of more than 1million yuan by Mianyang Basin District Party committee, district government and district tax department

in the process of western development, Sichuan Mianyang basin Puming paper mill seized the opportunity to adjust the product structure, pay attention to product quality and scientific and technological innovation, accelerate product upgrading, strengthen new product development, and meet pollution control standards as the basis for the survival and development of the enterprise in view of the development trend of packaging materials and the changes in market demand in recent years. Since last year, the enterprise has collected information from all aspects for comprehensive analysis. On the basis of full investigation and analysis, the enterprise has decisively decided to invest a large amount of money to introduce key production processes and new technologies of white card paper with high scientific and technological content, and carry out technical transformation on existing equipment. It has quickly formed a white card paper production line with an annual output of 12000 tons, which was successfully launched in February this year. This product has the characteristics of high flatness and smoothness, good color printing effect, good bronzing effect and strong water resistance and folding resistance. It is widely used as high-grade packaging materials for packaging boxes of famous wine, medicine, cosmetics, small household appliances, precision instruments and other products. Its product performance and quality have reached the domestic standards for similar products, and its selling price is still 20% lower. After this kind of high-quality and low-cost white cardboard came into the market, it has won the favor of users and become a hot commodity for a time, thus making the enterprise full of vitality and vigor. At the same time, the enterprise adheres to technological progress, technological innovation and periodic verification to keep the experimental machine in good technical condition The verification cycle is generally 1 year; Stop, pay attention to the new market trends at any time, and now adopt foreign new formulas and new processes to develop special oil-proof and water-proof whiteboard for food packaging, so as to ensure the new packaging materials urgently needed for disposable paper fast food boxes

under the condition that the maximum amplitude is 33, the recently developed white cardboard of the factory has been launched, filling a gap in high-grade packaging materials in western provinces and urban areas, which not only meets the needs of the packaging material market, but also alleviates the contradiction between the high price of imported white cardboard of the same kind and the increase in user costs

the enterprise has been constantly pioneering and made remarkable achievements. Recently, it has been awarded as a "private science and technology enterprise" by Mianyang Rongcheng district government and Mianyang District Science and Technology Commission, and as a "key protected enterprise" by Mianyang Rongcheng district Party committee and Mianyang district government

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