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Sanxiang Nanhu furniture city lost more than 31million people in the fire and was detained by criminal law

Sanxiang Nanhu furniture city lost more than 31million people in the fire and was detained by criminal law

April 1, 2015

[2. Cut three joints from each batch of finished products for tensile test. The pollution caused by the process of coating plastic granulator in China is often an important source of environmental pollution in China] on the morning of April 31, Changsha Fire detachment held a city wide fire protection work conference, The fire situation in 2014 and the investigation of 20 typical fire accidents such as the fire accident in Sanxiang Nanhu furniture city were reported to the public

on November 29, 2014, a fire broke out on the fourth floor of Sanxiang Nanhu Furniture City, Furong district, and the fire was burning to the sky. Because the outside of the building is surrounded by iron billboards, and the internal structure of the building is complex, and a large number of combustible wooden furniture and electrical equipment are stored, resulting in a large fire load, which makes it difficult for fire fighting and rescue. More than 200 fire officers and soldiers of 45 fire engines in 15 squadrons put out the fire after 13 hours of fighting

the fire area exceeded 18000 square meters, and the estimated property loss exceeded 31million yuan. The media paid close attention to it. The fire unit's illegal use of fire, electricity and gas was very serious. On the day of the fire, there were no personnel on duty in the warehouse on the fourth floor, and the insulation layer was changed into a warehouse without authorization. The fire compartment was not in place, the automatic fire-fighting facilities were not opened, and the construction was carried out while operating. The construction was carried out at risk

it is reported that the Sanxiang market, without obtaining the construction permit, carried out quality improvement and transformation without authorization, connecting four independent buildings into one, increasing the single floor area, destroying the original fire and smoke prevention division of the building, resulting in the city burning. Hunan Huanghua Construction Co., Ltd. arbitrarily changed the original design requirements during the construction of the thermal insulation layer and used combustible thermal insulation tin foil, which led to sparks from the construction unit when installing the ventilation ball to cut the roof, igniting the tin foil below and causing a fire. At present, 7 on-site construction personnel and direct personnel have been criminally detained for suspected major accident crimes

in addition, fires broke out in Hongxing flower market, Hongxing grain and oil market in Yuhua District and Dazhong Qiaotou small commodity market in Tianxin District. The fire scene presents a three-dimensional burning form, which is difficult to extinguish and rescue, takes a long time to extinguish, has a large fire area, and has serious property losses


frequent fires in cable wells of high-rise buildings

since last year, frequent fires have occurred in cable wells of high-rise buildings, such as Kaile international city in Kaifu District, Yingxiang spring residential community, Tongcheng Shengyuan hotel in Yuhua District, Hunan children's Hospital, Poly Garden community in Tianxin District, etc. Among the 20 typical fires reported by Changsha Fire Brigade, 5 were cable well fires. (Yu Zhenyu of Sanxiang Metropolis Daily also pointed out the direction for the development of China's plastic granulator technology, huangjuan correspondent tianxiaojin)

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