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Nowadays, when consumers are decorating their homes, their requirements for new houses have gone beyond practicality and pay more attention to fashion trends. If you want your new home to become a fashion gathering place, you can start with the decoration and upgrading of the bathroom. Bathroom decoration has made great progress, and many new materials have also begun to show. With the coming peak decoration season, what are the popular trends of bathroom decoration? Wuhan home improvement network editor teaches you the fashion trend of bathroom decoration. Let's have a look

design is simple and practical

the idea pursued by many designers is to make everything simple. Simplicity equals convenience. This minimalist style is what most young people in modern times pursue, so bathroom equipment has also become direct and "the simplest". The vanity is no longer blindly pursuing the luxury of the marble countertop; The toilet is no longer bulky and bulky; More and more rational consumers will not install a big bathtub or shower room without considering the area of their bathroom

new bathroom materials appear

ceramic bathroom products are no longer unified in the world of bathroom, and stone, glass, wood and other materials have become substitutes for ceramic products. Therefore, the glass basin is favored by women; Wooden bathtub makes petty bourgeoisie excited; Glass mosaic is popular in the bathroom

metal accessories are emerging

the addition of metal texture accessories products adds a lot of coolness to the bathroom. Metal bathroom handles, metal towel bars, metal paper reels, metal soap boxes, beakers, cotton swab boxes, and new copper aluminum composite or aluminum radiators. Small changes in these details can make the bathroom fashionable and personalized as a whole

introduction of intelligent products

when talking about intelligent bathroom products, we can't help mentioning the induction faucet. The hot sale of induction faucet has made the first shot to realize the intellectualization of bathroom, followed by intelligent temperature regulating bathtub and intelligent toilet

pay attention to health and environmental protection

health and water conservation have been a theme of the bathroom revolution for many years. It is often seen in the building materials market that major sanitary ware brands have made environmental protection slogans. From bathtubs to toilets to urinals, all parts and places that can resist bacteria, prevent pollution and save water are undergoing technological changes. Sanitary products with antibacterial and water-saving functions will also be more outstanding





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