The art of black and white collides. 40000 costume

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Project Name: the construction area of the Xiangxie zither set is 90 square meters, and the project cost is 40000. The design style of modern simple style is designed by Aohua decoration design Engineering Co., Ltd.

the restaurant uses wallpaper + tea mirrors as the material, and the light color floor tiles are used on the ground. At the same time, through tea mirrors, glass and other reflective materials, it plays a role in setting off the sense of space and modernity, fully reflecting the owner's longing for a simple and fashionable lifestyle

the classic collocation of black and white is like a love of mutual help. Add a little rose red tenderness, and romance is unparalleled

the green wallpaper is like being in nature. The vitality of green highlights the childlike innocence of children. Custom tatami is not only a children's bed, but also meets the owner's storage needs

champagne color cabinets are fashionable and durable, simple and generous, practical and concise, and clearly divided. The checkered PVC ceiling is full of jumping feeling, delicate and lively

the tenderness of mosaic is hidden in the bathroom. The passion of black and white collides and becomes more delicate and gentle at this moment. Mosaic mosaic separates the shower area from the toilet area, eliminating the partition wall and saving space

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