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As we all know, a lot of toxic gases are left in the air during the decoration of new houses. Therefore, it is best not to rush into the newly decorated houses, especially for pregnant women. There is a harsh fact in front of us. About 1.2 million women and girls have congenital disabilities every year, so we must not underestimate the decoration pollution. Therefore, the following editor will introduce the newly decorated house to you. Can pregnant women live in it

although all decoration paints on the market have been improved to a certain extent, it is not completely a green formula, because the paint contains chemicals such as benzene and formaldehyde, which will have a negative impact on the body if inhaled for a long time. After a woman is pregnant, her mother will be more affected by external factors. If she lives in a bad paint environment for a long time, the most intuitive reaction is that she is prone to skin allergy, such as small red pimples

in addition, some irritant gases are easy to affect the nervous system and the body's immunity. Pregnant women may suffer from vomiting, dizziness and other discomfort. This reaction is similar to that of early pregnancy, so it often delays the best treatment time. Formaldehyde and other chemicals have an impact on fetal development. Absorption through the placenta is easy to cause chromosome aberration, and even cause fetal abortion in serious cases

in order to avoid the interference of the newly decorated new house on the health of pregnant women, the following countermeasures are expected to be understood by prospective parents

first, don't live in the new house three months before decoration. In addition, ventilation should be frequent. This is to speed up the volatilization of harmful gases. Usually, open more windows. In addition, place some plants that can absorb harmful gases at home, such as cacti

second, it is also a good method to smoke the house with vinegar, because vinegar itself can play a role in disinfection, and activated carbon adsorption should also be considered, because the latter is made of porous, which can expand the area in contact with gas, and the adsorption capacity of activated carbon is also very excellent

third, another direct method is to place air fresheners, but this method can only achieve the surface effect, that is, there is no smell, but it does not mean that the air quality is improved

editor's summary: about the newly decorated house, can pregnant women live? That's it. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information





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