13 tips for saving money in home decoration

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Saving money in decoration has always been the most concerned topic of owners. So, how can you save money in decoration? The following Xiaobian summarizes 13 tips that can save money in decoration and shares them with you, so that you can easily save the price of a square room. Especially for novices in decoration, it is too late to regret that they will benefit from seeing it early and watching it after decoration

1. Floor tiles: what you step on is solid

floor tiles are easily worn parts. They are generally not wear-resistant if they are too low-grade. They are easy to scratch over time, and they look scarred. Your heart will regret it. If you want to change them at this time, you need to chisel them piece by piece, please

secondly, the floor tiles that are too cheap are mostly non slip, which is easy to cause accidental injury. The quality and appearance of high-end brand floor tiles are guaranteed. You will feel secure just by looking at the price. So, listen to us wage earners: don't be greedy and careless when buying floor tiles

wires and water pipes: money second, quality first

2 Wires and water pipes are also a big expense. It is precisely because of the large expenditure that some people tend to pay less attention to quality and only price

as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. If you blindly covet cheap, it is difficult to ensure the quality. If the quality of wires and water pipes is not up to standard, it will bring great inconvenience to life after decoration, and even become a potential safety hazard

3. Power sockets: none can be less

with the development of household appliances, there will be more and more household appliances. Once there are new appliances but no sockets, it will be difficult to install them again. You can only drag a mobile socket on the floor, which is as ugly as it is ugly, and it is easy to trip

secondly, try to avoid overloading and accidents caused by using one socket for several household appliances at the same time. The correct approach is: according to the housing area, according to the design of professional electricians, and then integrate the actual number of household appliances, reasonably arrange power sockets, and leave some sockets for future expansion

4. Decoration: one step, no tail

make do with it first, simply decorate it, and then decorate it when you have money in the future Because of economic reasons, some working-class people save not only in materials, but also in decoration projects. Some projects that should have been completed are often shelved and left for later

first of all, after moving into a new home and decorating it a few years later, it will make the home a mess again, which is very inconvenient. Moreover, those decoration projects that have to be carried out will inevitably affect future work and life if they are left for the future. Secondly, if these projects are not completed in time, if you want to do them again in the future, it may be difficult to invite the construction team because the projects are too fragmented. Even if you do, you will pay a high price, or it will be unprofessional casual work. Such a drag, in fact, brings a lot of trouble. Therefore, for those projects that must be completed, it is best to do it in one step without leaving a tail

5. Using the bay window to make a workbench

it may be a luxury to put a large workbench in a small apartment, so using the bay window to make a workbench here is very pleasing. The specific method is to knock out a part of the top of the bay window, and design several drawers with sliding rails in the knocked out part. The top of the drawer and the surface of the bay window can be decorated with wood, that is, it can be used as a worktable. When using, the drawer can be pulled out, so that there is a space for feet under the drawer, so that people can naturally sit comfortably on the chair and stool to operate, and there is no need to worry about lighting problems

reasons for saving money: it saves the cost of decorating the windowsill table separately, makes a large worktable, and saves the space for placing the worktable separately

6. Children's room wall geometry cabinet grid

children's room is a space full of childlike fun, and it also needs to cultivate children's perception of object shape and color. In this method, a number of hexagonal honeycomb cupboards (other simple and lively geometric shapes can also be designed) are made on the wall of the children's room. The specific method is to use ordinary large core board as the base material, plaster the surface, and finally apply color emulsion paint. This design can arouse children's imagination and echo with the overall theme of the children's room

reasons for saving money: self created design, cheap materials, and the cost is naturally lower than that of children's shelves purchased in the market

7. Tatami rest storage is the same

in small and medium-sized apartments, designing a room in the form of tatami can be said to be the best way to save space and expand room functions. When making a tatami room, you can raise the floor of the room, and design several up sliding door or side sliding door lockers on the floor, which can store a lot of bedding and other sundries, saving a lot of storage space; At the same time, tatami can undertake tea tasting, chat, leisure, reading, sleep and other functions, especially for small and medium-sized owners, it has a very powerful function of staying with relatives and friends at night

reasons for saving money: there is no need to spend money to buy another locker, which saves a lot of sleep and storage space, and realizes a variety of functions

8. Restaurant ceiling and lighting are combined into one

independent small restaurants are generally difficult to form a good enclosed dining environment. Aiming at this problem, this method makes a small square ceiling on the ceiling above the small restaurant to lower the dining space and create an enclosed dining atmosphere in the restaurant; At the same time, the ceiling and chandelier are combined into one. Due to the role of the ceiling, cheap chandeliers can be selected here, but with the momentum of the ceiling, the theme of dining can be set off, and many functional needs such as space and lighting can be met

reasons for saving money: local ceilings are not expensive, and cheap chandeliers can be used, which has a good effect, but it only costs money for one of the two things, ceiling and chandelier

9. Outdoor bricks for indoor restaurants

on the local wall of the indoor restaurant, use wall bricks similar to the outdoor tiles in the community to form an integrated effect with the outdoor community public space, which makes people subconsciously have the illusion of being in the outdoor open space, so as to expand the indoor space. In fact, this method adopts the method of borrowing space, which can also reflect the role of indoor and outdoor integration

reason for saving money: because the cost of outdoor wall tiles is low and the installation does not need to be very accurate, the cost is nearly half of that of indoor wall tiles

10. Ceramic tile joint paving

the production technology of ceramics is developing rapidly, and new materials have spawned many new design concepts and construction methods, even aesthetic concepts. For the use of wall and floor tiles, flawless, unified and mechanical tidiness are often the best aesthetics, while the design is often consistent, seamless and borderless, and the construction pursues close joint paving. Therefore, the correct way to pave ceramic tiles is to leave joints. This may be just the opposite of what people think &mdash& mdash; In fact, there will be no seams if there are seams, but there will be seams if there are tight seams

reasons for saving money: due to cracks, the requirements for squareness, straightness and size of bricks can be reduced accordingly. Owners can buy Bricks with relatively high quality and low price to achieve better results

11. Multiple water heaters are used in combination

nowadays, many house types are designed. Kitchens, public toilets, master room toilets and workers' room toilets that need hot water supply are often distributed in distant places, and more than 20 liters of water heaters are often required to ensure use. If we make careful arrangements to solve the safety problems, cut off the connected hot water pipes according to the distribution of water points, and supply hot water with different low-power water heaters, we can not only avoid the heat loss and water resource waste caused by long-distance transmission of hot water, but also meet the hot water demand more flexibly

reasons for saving money: using two or more low-power water heaters saves more fixed investment and costs than a high-capacity, high-power water heater

12. When the static height of the room reaches 270cm, if possible, change all the room doors such as bedroom doors, bathroom doors and kitchen doors to higher ones (such as 217cm, 220cm and 230cm). After the change, the space will have wonderful changes: the space will become more comfortable and moving. With a lot of atmosphere, a little change will earn a difficult popularity

reason for saving money: it doesn't cost much, but it makes more spacious and atmospheric space for nothing

13. DIY sofa mat by yourself

through self-designed or even directly self-made, the things you get are not only inexpensive, save a lot of money, but also absolutely no counterfeiting, absolutely satisfactory. Among the things that you can design and make by yourself, fabric trinkets are naturally the first to be mentioned. For example, if you DIY a sofa cushion, first make a cushion cover with the cloth you like or left at home, and then buy a suitable sponge or cotton filler to fill it. Or buy some linen by yourself, pick out some small hairs and small threads on the edge, and use them to decorate the desk or dining table, which is warm and romantic

reason for saving money: your own small ideas are equal to silver. The more creative you are, the more silver you naturally save




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