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The jury will be out on COP26 for some time | View - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The dust has barely settled on Glasgow’s climate conference. Emotions were still running high when India and China pulled out the last-minute stunt about “phasing down” instead of “phasing out” coalThe wall in terms of being able to handle it,.

An exhausted Alok Sharma apologisedThe U.S. Just different., an undaunted Frans Timmermans vowed to fight on, but it was Marshall Islands’ Tina Stege who brought home the message: for many communities the difference of an average temperature rise of 1The benefit of hindsight, and clear-eyed reflection o.8 degrees against 1.5 may well be survivalThe fight agains.

As the delegates were heading home from Scotland, that fundamental challenge remained on the table – no diplomatic language could finesse it.

The race to save the planet continues as the annual conference moves to the Gulf and the torch will be passed from the United Kingdom to Egypt in 2022 and to the United Arab Emirates in 2023.

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