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In December last year, a friend contacted me looking to get back into regular exercise. She lives in Santa Eugenia and was searching for a personal trainer in the local areaSunday 9:40 p.m.:. As I had just moved to Santa Mariacan operate with no capacity threshold. Tables need to either be two metres apart or have structural barriers between them., where her daughter attends The Orange Tree School, it was the perfect fit. Well, almost. She couldn’t afford me one-on-one. As a compromise, she offered to arrange group classes and split the cost between the other Mums and Dads from the schoolThe area.

And soThe premier lef, at the beginning of January, the Santa Maria Fitness Club was born- a place for parents to come after dropping the kids off, for a bit of fitness care and maintenance, to learn about healthy exercise and safe biomechanics. (Admittedly, plugging my own business is the pinnacle of lazy journalism. I only do it because I care.)

My interest in mechanics began before my coaching career. Six years ago, I had just started writing my book ‘Working [it] Out’ on how to do more exercise. As part of my research, I certified as a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and coached at the local gym back in Hamburg as a part-time gig.

However, my full-time job was as a supercargo intendant, loading yachts onto cargo ships. Whilst juggling the two careers, I noticed that they weren’t all that different. I spent both bossing people around and fine-tuning my mechanical reasoningArticleSecondBigBox.

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