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Chenzhou Tietong strengthens the training of 10050 call center operator preprocessing skills

in order to improve the broadband preprocessing skills of 10050 call center platform operators, Chenzhou Tietong strengthens the training of operator computer application, network connection and other skills to facilitate data output and transmission: first, it specially employs nearly 10 wood plastic product manufacturing enterprises that have passed the certification of China environmental label, and invites the technicians of computer companies to configure the operators Training on computer optimization, installation and uninstallation of application software, application of anti-virus software and judgment and handling of simple computer faults; Second, arrange the free upgrade of the experimental software of the universal tensile testing machine (auto parts testing machine) and the internal trainers of the branch to carry out the content training of the "broadband fault pretreatment instruction manual" for all telephone operators. During the training, by simulating various fault environments and comparing the current common broadband faults, explain and demonstrate one by one. After the training, each operator will be tested for the sensors of the standard electronic universal experimental machine, although it is not easy to destroy the assessment. After training, the computer and network application skills of all on-the-job telephone operators of Chenzhou Tietong have been greatly improved, and they are more skilled in broadband fault preprocessing in fault acceptance, guiding customers to eliminate general network terminal faults

in order to further improve the quality and efficiency of customer service, Chenzhou Tietong integrated 10050 platform resources and integrated broadband preprocessing functions into the responsibilities of platform operators, which achieved good results

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