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China exports new papermaking technology with environmental value to Malaysia. During the visit to China of Najib Dun Razak, Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, China signed an agreement with Malaysia on the repair and maintenance skills of material torsional fatigue testing machine worth 335million US dollars to export new pulping and papermaking technology and related complete sets of equipment to the country. After the technology is transformed into an industrial project, Malaysia will be able to use the local abundant palm fruit ball oil pressing waste as raw materials to replace wood pulp and paper, thus greatly reducing forest logging

Zhou Zongliang, general manager of Shanghai Zongyi Industrial Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the export of this technology, told Xinhua news agency here on the 4th that this technology has successfully passed the "final test of industrial production" of Malaysia after several inspections and demonstrations by representatives of the Malaysian government and enterprises over the past three years. According to the contract, Zongyi company will provide complete sets of equipment and related technologies for 10 production lines to the operation method of wire torsion testing machine of indiccord cross company in Malaysia, and help the country establish a three-dimensional production system of palm planting, oil extraction and palm shell waste papermaking

it is understood that this process technology uses the waste of oil palm shell string as raw material, and can produce a variety of medium and high-grade paper products, such as paper, cultural paper, office paper, household paper and electrostatic copying paper. Its product quality is similar to that of hardwood pulp, superior to fast-growing poplar pulp, and its price is 30% lower than that of similar wood pulp, which is superior to the similar technical level of Japan, the United States, Canada and India

Malaysia is a major exporter of palm oil. About 30million tons of palm shell waste will be produced after oil extraction every year, which is mainly treated by landfill or incineration. According to the estimates of insiders, after the introduction of this technology, these wastes can be converted to produce all kinds of medium and high-grade paper 7million 3. Gb/t 1040.1 ⑵ 006 determination of tensile properties of plastics Part 1: General tons. Together with by-products in the production process, it can increase Malaysia's export earnings by about US $6billion per year

according to Zhou Zongliang, in addition to Malaysia, this new papermaking process with great ecological and environmental value has also attracted great interest from major palm producing countries such as Indonesia and Thailand, and the export prospect is very promising. (end)

source: Xinhua News Agency

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