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Chief digital officer of ABB Group: most robots still live in a "cage"

when more cameras, better sensors and the self-learning ability of machines are combined, robots will be more widely used in the production field. Guido juret, chief digital officer of ABB Group in Switzerland, said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua news agency during the Hannover Industrial Expo in Germany a few days ago

juret said that AI will be able to connect multiple systems that are still independent and have no interconnection under the condition of small deformation in the future. The self-learning ability of robots is being strengthened. In the future, humans will only be able to deal with some complex jobs, and other jobs can be handed over to automated machines

abb once again demonstrated Yumi, a dual arm industrial robot that realizes human-computer cooperation, and sensors that can be widely used in industrial motors at this year's exhibition

juret said that compared with last year, Yumi, which locates high-precision manufacturing, has become more flexible and has certain self-learning ability. Better cameras, more sensors and input devices make it possible for Yumi to hear and respond to sounds and signals in the environment in the future

it is difficult to make the sensor sensitive to the touch of human fingers. Therefore, some tasks such as quality inspection cannot be completed by machines at present. But he said that these complex tasks that cannot be completed by machines for the time being are also opportunities for the development of robots in the future

in addition, he said, robots can also reduce pollution to a certain extent, reduce errors caused by human forgetting, and make production more accurate

juret stressed that the entry threshold of a is also low, and the products of BB company are likely to be widely used in China. We must have our own ideas, because with the aging of Chinese society and the increase of labor costs, it is necessary for factories to introduce more automatic production equipment

China has foresight in automation investment. He said that we are very interested in dialogue and partnership with Chinese enterprises

juret pointed out that most robots still live in cages because they may harm humans, but in the future, robots will cooperate with humans and be used in some service industries, such as picking fruits in the fields, distributing drugs, or helping to care for patients in hospitals

robots will make some people unemployed and create better employment opportunities at the same time. They will not occupy all jobs. Juliet said. According to him, the country that currently uses robots the most is also the country with the lowest unemployment rate

as one of the world's top 500 enterprises, ABB group is a leading enterprise in the field of global power and automation technology and a frequent visitor to the Hannover Industrial Expo

this year's Hannover Industrial Expo opened on April 23 and will last until April 28, attracting about 65 UPVC pipes for building drainage gb/t 5836.1 (9) 200 exhibitors from 70 countries and regions around the world. Among overseas exhibitors, the number of Chinese exhibitors and exhibition area rank first

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