Aixun Hongda launched a series of ULV low-power mo

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Aixun Hongda launched a series of ULV low-power motherboards

in 2004, Aixun Hongda Technology Co., Ltd. continued to strengthen product innovation and research and development. Following the introduction of P4 long cards and various chassis products, Aixun Hongda recently launched a series of intelulv (ultralowvoltage) low-power motherboards

several ULV low-power motherboards launched by Aixun Hongda Company this time include sys7168veea full-length CPU card, sys7360v3ea5.25 "embedded motherboard and sys7460veea3.5" embedded motherboard. In addition, ULV low-power POS will be launched, and 3 connector boards sys75640vea will be randomly selected from each batch. These motherboards adopt Intel ULV/lvceleron/Pentium ultra-low voltage processors, which have the characteristics of high performance, low power consumption and ultra-low voltage, improve the stability and reliability of the products, and are a perfect example of the combination of high function and low power consumption. In particular, this series of products do not need to be equipped with a cooling fan, which is especially suitable for control systems with extremely strict requirements for the operating environment and extremely low requirements for the failure rate

the safety protection device can timely and effectively protect the life safety of equipment and operators

the launch of ULV low-power series motherboard will become a major feature of Aixun Hongda's products and enrich its product categories. This series of products are independently developed and manufactured by Aixun Hongda Company, which further reflects the company's R & D strength and resource advantages

I. sys7168veea

intel ulv/lvceleron/pentiumiiipicmgcard

· integrated Intel ultra-low automatic completion voltage version CPU, the main frequency supports 733mhz

· north bridge chipset vt8623, south bridge chipset vt8235

· vt8623 integrates s3savage4 graphics core, supports crt/24 bittftlcd/lvds

· maximum support 1gbddrsdram memory

· provides 2 RJ45 interfaces, and using 8139d or 82559 network chip

· 4 USB2.0 devices, Support high-speed transmission

· support AC '97 audio output

II. Sys7360v3ea

intel ulv/lvceleron/pentiumiiiicpuboardw/triplelanandddr

· Intel ultra low voltage CPU, with the main frequency supporting 933mhz

· north bridge chipset vt8623, south bridge chipset Vt8235

· vt8623 integrates s3savage4 graphics core, Support crt/ttl/lvds

· maximum support 512mbddrsdram memory

· 3 RTL costs and benefits are also different 8139d network controller, RJ45 interface

· 6 USB2.0 devices, support high-speed transmission

· built-in pc/104 and pc/104+ slots

III. sys7460veea

intellulv/lvceleron/pentium Ⅲ cpuboardw/duallan

· Intel ultra low voltage CPU, the main frequency supports 933mhz

· Beiqiao chipset vt8606, Nanqiao chipset vt82c686b

· vt8606 integrates s3savage4 graphics core, supports crt/ttl/lvds

· supports 512mbsdram memory at most

· two rtl8139d network controllers, RJ45 interfaces

· two USB2.0 devices, supports high-speed transmission

· supports four serial ports

IV. sys75640vea


.· integrated intelulvceleron733mhzcpu

· integrated graphics controller, Shared 32MB video memory

· support crt/lvds/tftlcd display

· optional smi721 graphics control core, support dual display function

· support ntsc/pal video output

· 6 USB2.0 devices

· 6 serial ports support atm/kiosk applications

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