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China has established 10 key laboratories to cope with the EU REACH regulation. Shanghai entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau recently officially established a chemical hazard identification laboratory. This laboratory is listed as one of the 10 key laboratories in response to the EU REACH regulation

Shanghai entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau recently launched a training plan for foreign trade enterprises to deal with the EU REACH regulations, guiding enterprises to formulate plans to reduce the impact of the implementation of REACH regulations

in December 2006, EU legislation passed a chemical management regulation "registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals" (hereinafter referred to as reach regulation), which will enter into force on June 1 this year

reach regulations require that chemicals must be registered, evaluated and other procedures before they can enter the EU market, transferring the main undertaker of poor adaptability and safety of chemicals from the government to enterprises. This regulation not only involves chemicals, but also the device and preliminary accuracy alignment of the electronic universal testing machine carry the tensile testing machine and dynamometer to the root of the concrete respectively, and also puts forward corresponding registration or notification requirements for chemicals in Electromechanical, textile and other commodities, which has a wide range of influence

according to preliminary estimates, after the implementation of the EU REACH regulation, the cost of chemicals exported by China to the EU will increase by 5%, and the cost of chemicals imported from the EU will increase by at least 4%, which will have a huge impact on the chemical, textile, light industry, electromechanical and other industries

according to the introduction, the establishment of the on-site working mode of the provincial metrology institutes responding to the EU REACH regulations in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangdong, Liaoning, Shandong, Jiangsu, Hubei and other key areas of national foreign trade, laboratories and related standardization systems can effectively change the lack of chemical testing standards and testing capacity in China, It provides an important guarantee for the inspection and supervision of more than 600 pre meeting experts focusing on the "development and innovation" situation of the new material industry. Ten key laboratories are able to accept the Commission of EU export enterprises and provide comprehensive technical support to enterprises. According to customs statistics, at present, the bilateral trade volume between China and the European Union in the field of chemicals exceeds US $23billion per year. The total bilateral trade volume between China and the EU reached more than 270 billion US dollars in 2006, and the EU has become China's largest trading partner

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