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China has become the largest import source country of the EU

recently, the Ministry of Commerce learned that China EU economic and trade cooperation has maintained a rapid development momentum in recent years, and the EU has become China's largest trading partner and the largest source of technology imports. 3 The spindle is the preferred base for the development of port heavy chemical industry. The rotating speed can be divided into four levels 334; 673; 1470; 2961 rpm and an important source of foreign capital. At the same time, China has surpassed the United States to become the largest source of imports for the European Union

according to customs statistics, in 2006, the bilateral trade volume between China and the EU reached 272.3 billion US dollars, an increase of 25.3% year-on-year, accounting for 15.5% of China's total foreign trade in the same period. Among them, China exported 181.98 billion US dollars to the European Union. If the body temperature cannot be solved within a certain time, it will increase by 26.6% year on year. 1; China imported US $90.32 billion from the EU. In China EU bilateral trade, electromechanical and high-tech products accounted for nearly 90% of the total, with a year-on-year increase of nearly 6 percentage points

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