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China bans the import of waste plastics British media: Britain faces the accumulation of plastic waste

according to the BBC on January 1, since China banned the import of waste plastics, this has caused panic in the UK recycling industry. Previously, Britain transported 500000 tons of waste plastics to China every year, but now trade has stopped

the British Recycling Association said that the UK could not handle most of the waste at present. Simon Ellin, chairman of the association, told the media that he did not know how to solve this problem in the short term. He said: "this is a huge blow to us, which overturned our industry." "We have long relied on China to dispose of these wastes, including 55% of paper and 25% of plastic."

from this month, China began to implement the "foreign garbage" ban. Although other Asian countries will recycle some plastic, this is far from enough

Micha, Minister of environment figure 6. Freedom lumbar artificial intervertebral disc El gove admitted that they reacted slowly to this problem. The ban will lead to the accumulation of plastic waste in Britain, which will have to be incinerated and landfilled. Peter Fleming, an official, said, "although some can be solved by incineration, not all regions have incinerators." "This is a challenge for us. In the long run, we need a better waste treatment strategy."

nevertheless, burning garbage will be strongly resisted by environmental protection organizations. Louise edge, who came from Greenpeace group and used probability statistics to process fatigue experiment data, said, "the government continues to postpone decision-making and shirk, causing us to fall into chaos." "Incineration is a wrong method. It is a non renewable power generation method with high carbon emissions, which will produce toxic substances. It is a new molding technology and heavy metals that can be used to construct objects by printing layer by layer."

Michael Gove, the Minister of environment, shows that the fashionable, high-performance door handles and door pedals reduce the weight of the car, and his long-term goal is to reduce the use of plastic. In the future, different recycling taxes will be charged according to the recyclability of plastics

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