How to improve the quality and efficiency of books

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How to improve the quality and efficiency of books and periodicals

in the publication of books and periodicals, computer typesetting occupies a very important link, but also a complex process, The process flow includes the following items:

manuscript entry → according to a certain format and single arm electronic universal experimental machine, which is mainly suitable for relevant experiments on materials below 5000n and the cost is relatively low → typesetting in the printing plant → gross proofreading → revision of the first proofreading → revision of the second proofreading → revision of the third proofreading → nuclear red → film production

the working heart and their own cultural quality of recording and scheduling operators in the above operation process. It directly affects the publishing quality, publishing cycle and the image of printing enterprises. The author has summed up some experience in many years of work. For peer reference

1. The proficiency and accuracy of entry books and periodicals are entered using the five stroke font input method. The operator uses "blind typing" input. During the entry process, the adjacent keys are easy to be wrong. In particular, it is necessary to constantly disassemble and combine radicals, such as the scrawled manuscript. You also need to guess words. Therefore, the word "Qi" that is inconsistent with the overall meaning often appears. This requires the entry personnel to have skilled operation skills

2. Typesetting should be in accordance with the requirements of format. The recording and typesetting personnel should master certain standard skills of book layout design. For example, the usage of words and numbers in the whole book should be unified; The specifications of charts and formulas should be unified; The title should be unified in the whole book; Conversion of traditional and simplified characters; Conversion of positive and italic in foreign languages; Font and size exchange; Whether there is recitation phenomenon, etc., should meet the standards of book publishing norms. Due to the existence of one key, multiple roots and duplicate codes when inputting Chinese characters, as well as careless operation or virus infection, font and size errors often appear on the proofs, improper matching of chart text and blank errors. The printer output is inconsistent with the screen display. Next, Jinan experimental machine factory will briefly introduce the specific operation steps of the low-temperature groove of the impact sample, and some unexpected errors. This requires the recording and scheduling personnel to conduct gross correction on the results

3. Enhance cultural quality and check proofreading. Mao proofreading is the form of proofreading before the manuscript leaves the factory. On the basis of respecting the original, correct the errors that are inconsistent with the original, such as misunderstanding, misreading, wrong keys, missing keys, viruses, etc. during computer recording and typesetting. The method of proofreading is "word for word", which seems to be very simple on the surface. But in fact, it is not easy to do well. It is not only necessary to master the characteristics of the shape, sound and meaning of Chinese characters. We should also have a serious and responsible working attitude and a meticulous style. And be able to skillfully use the methods and techniques of proofreading. For manuscripts with scrawly fonts and irregular writing, the ability of analysis and identification should be improved

4. Carefully revise the edition without omission. The proofs made by Mao school after the revision are sent to the publishing house as one proofing. The subsequent process (revision of the first school, revision of the second school, revision of the third school, and nuclear red) is the repeated process of revision. Revision is a concentrated expression of concentration, carefulness and patience. The recording and scheduling personnel should carefully revise the version. Check the corrected errors page by page and item by item against the screen again. Improve the accuracy of revision, reduce the number of repeated revision, and improve the efficiency of book publishing. The meticulous, fast and accurate operation skills of the recording and typesetting personnel have effectively established and maintained the image and reputation of the printing enterprise, and also improved their own value.

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