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What are the top ten brands of Linfen glass factory? What are the good glass manufacturers in Linfen? Linfen glass factory top ten brands - Linfen glass manufacturers ranking list

glass manufacturers ranking list 1: Linfen Fuyao (haopeng) Glass Co., Ltd.

Linfen haopeng (Fuyao) Glass Co., Ltd. was registered and established in 1999, mainly engaged in Fuyao Glass, Saint Gobain Glass, Xinyi Glass, imported high-end original vehicle assembly glass, etc. The company always advocates the enterprise spirit of "professionalism, learning, innovation, dedication, cooperation and dedication", adheres to the business philosophy of "integrity management, customer first, unity and enterprising, and continuous innovation", and strives to build the company into a highly specialized, institutionalized, standardized enterprise that occupies a leading position in the automotive glass industry. We are still making unremitting efforts Click to view more details

glass manufacturer ranking 2: Houma glass tea set sales Co., Ltd.

Hejian Bomei glass craft products factory is an enterprise of gifts, handicrafts and ornaments, which is approved and registered by relevant national departments. The main business is glass wine bottles, glass craft wine bottles, wine bottles, and glass products. It is a professional manufacturer for the design and production of extremely hard glass craft products, household goods, laboratory instruments, environmental protection instruments, and glass craft wine bottles. It also has a glass flower paper branch, and professional designers design trademark patterns for you. Our company has strong technical force, advanced process equipment, perfect management system and reliable product quality. Continuously investigate, study and master the market information and process appreciation level around the world, and develop distinctive wine packaging. This series of products has unique technology and lifelike shape in the bottle. It can not only make wine packaging, but also has high appreciation value. This series of products are highly praised by users. The company is located in caozhaozhuang village, liminju Township, Hejian City, Hebei Province, China. Our company has established long-term cooperative relations with many enterprises based on the principle of "customers take the lead and honesty is supreme in the field of household appliances". Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, investigate and negotiate business. Click to view more details

glass manufacturer ranking 3: Linfen Yaodu Changxing Glass Co., Ltd.

our company is located in Shanxi Linfen Changxing Glass Co., Ltd., which is an old factory with more than ten years of processing experience. This year, our company has newly installed two tempering furnaces, an automatic cutting machine, a medium air line, a four sided line, and a dry lamination production line. Our glass quality is good and the price is reasonable, The production speed is fast. People from all walks of life are welcome to visit. Click to see more details

glass manufacturer ranking 4: Shanxi Shuanghui tempered glass Co., Ltd.

Shanxi Shuanghui Glass Co., Ltd., founded in 2011, is a large enterprise specializing in the production of safety glass. The company has strong strength, international advanced equipment and high-quality technical team, and has won the praise of customers and peers with excellent product quality and satisfactory service. The company's leading products include: flat tempered, bent tempered, flat laminated, bent laminated, bulletproof, fireproof, hollow and other safety glasses, which are mainly used in building decoration, train, automobile and other industries. From the beginning of the establishment of the company, the management has followed the guidelines of "high starting point, high quality, high grade, large scale, excellent quality and excellent service", purchased glass deep processing equipment with advanced levels at home and abroad, and managers with high technical and management levels. The quality of products has been steadily improved, and all indicators have reached national standards. We pursue the business goal of "high quality and high efficiency", take "customer first, service leading" as the service purpose, and strive to shape the corporate image of "first-class management, first-class products, first-class services", so as to create a better tomorrow with you. Click to see more details about the fifth ranking of glass manufacturers: Linfen Changxing Glass Co., Ltd.

Linfen Changxing Glass Co., Ltd. is a large private enterprise specializing in the production, processing and sales of all kinds of Low-E curtain wall glass, tempered, hollow, laminated, fireproof, bulletproof, silk printing glass products, and wholesale trade in all kinds of domestic and imported glass originals. Since the company was registered in 2003, with the joint efforts of the majority of employees, with high-quality products, exquisite technology and thoughtful service, through the continuous improvement of management, the business has developed rapidly and the scale has been expanding. The products enjoy a good reputation among customers in various regions of China. The company is mainly positioned to process super thick, super large and super wide large glass. Especially in the toughening, hollowing and gluing of large Low-E glass, it has significant advantages in the same industry. Our products are widely used in large-scale buildings, hotels, shopping malls, real estate, airports, exhibitions and other fields. Advanced equipment is a powerful guarantee for producing high-quality products. The company has invested a lot of money, equipped with a number of technologically leading tempering production lines, hollow production lines, glue production lines and cutting and grinding production equipment. The company has introduced international advanced management mode and vigorously cultivated talents in all aspects, which has injected infinite vitality into the development and take-off of the enterprise. Changxing has a strong marketing team. Through unremitting efforts, the company's business has achieved remarkable results. With high-quality products, good service and reputation, product sales throughout the surrounding provinces and cities. The company has always implemented the people-oriented development concept and emphasized that quality is the life of the enterprise. In order to ensure product quality, the company vigorously promotes the ISO9001 quality management system and has passed the national 3C compulsory certification. With strong economic strength, advanced management and superb technology, Changxing Glass Co., Ltd. is enough to prove to the world that as long as you choose Changxing, you will reap infinite surprises. Click to see more details

glass manufacturer ranking 6: Shanxi Longyang art glass

Shanxi Longyang art glass is located in the Western transportation hub ---- Shanxi Linfen, with superior geographical location and convenient transportation. The company specializes in the production of photo strengthened glass, sliding door glass, jade glass, paint glass, colored glaze glass, polycrystalline glass, paper glass, 3D glow three-dimensional glass and other art glass, with more than ten varieties. In the spirit of "first-class products, satisfactory service", the company is actively enterprising and hard-working in the development of the market. Click to see more details

glass manufacturer ranking 7: Linfen Jiarui glass products Co., Ltd.

Linfen Jiarui glass products Co., Ltd. is located in Yaodu Duandian Industrial Park, Linfen City, Shanxi Province, and the plant site is close to the Dayun Expressway. The site area is more than 30000 square meters, and the area of main plant and auxiliary buildings is 6000 square meters. The company invested 28million yuan in the first phase, and now has a 6t/high borosilicate glass product production line. The design scale is to annually produce 1.35 million standard pieces of high borosilicate glass drum washing machine observation window, and has the ability to develop high borosilicate glass products. The production line adopts the domestic advanced all electric melting cold top drying process. The main equipment is imported from abroad or reliable domestic famous brand products. The process parameters are automatically controlled or tested by computers. The technicians have college degree or above and rich production experience. A complete quality management system and strict and standardized management system have been implemented in production. The product quality is stable and the supply is timely and reliable. We sincerely welcome all customers to contact and negotiate business. Click to view more details

glass manufacturer ranking 8: Sumi art and life Museum

the company is located in Linfen City, Shanxi Province, and mainly sells: art glass, colorful crystal art block glass, suitable for all kinds of background walls; European painted welded glass large European ceiling, church doors and windows, hotels, color deep carved, embossed glass, many colors, suitable for all kinds of background walls, porches, windows and doors. Metal moving door, wardrobe sliding door, wallpaper series. Click to see more details

glass manufacturer ranking 9: Mengya art glass store in Yaodu District, Linfen City

Linfen Mengya art glass is a collection of design, production, wholesale and retail. It mainly deals in art photo glass, jade sand glass, multi craft glass, color carving glass, paint baking glass and magic color glass. The art photo glass produced by it completely displays the colors and excessive colors that cannot be achieved in traditional handmade and silk screen printing on art glass. It achieves a realistic effect. The art photo glass produced by our factory uses imported environmental friendly UV ink, which has a long weathering time and can be protected for 3 years outdoors and more than 10 years indoors. In particular, the products such as golden dragon, Red Golden Dragon and meteorite dominated by famous teachers have bright colors and beautiful lines. They are widely used in families, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, beauty parlors, office buildings and KTV entertainment places, and are suitable for sliding doors, sliding doors, partition doors, folding doors Wardrobe door, cabinet door, closet door, stair guard, TV background wall, nave, hanging pictures, wedding photos, birthday photos and other photos of different shapes can be made, which is an ideal choice for architectural engineering and home decoration. Over the years, Mengya art glass has been highly praised by our customers. Innovative design, advanced equipment and exquisite technology are the charm of our products. They are also the products of Mengya art glass in Linfen, Shanxi, which are unique in the trend of the times. It is expected that the tight supply situation can be effectively changed and guaranteed in the fourth quarter. Our business philosophy is: quality supreme, fast, good faith and reputation for the world to undertake large-scale glass installation and decoration projects. Welcome new and old friends to negotiate and guide. Click to view more details

glass manufacturer ranking 10: Hongdong Zhongyu glass tempering Co., Ltd.

Hongdong Zhongyu glass tempering Co., Ltd. 1. Enterprise profile Hongdong Zhongyu glass tempering Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. It is the largest and most powerful high-tech private enterprise in southern Shanxi. The company is located in the Chengnan (Korean style) Industrial Park in Hongdong County, covering an area of 58 mu, The total investment is 55.82 million yuan. In the early stage, it mainly deals with the original glass. Now it will introduce the world's most advanced Glaston tempered glass production line, laminated glass production line and Beijing Hanjiang insulating glass production line, which is the leading one in China. With advanced hardware equipment, exquisite technology and scientific enterprise philosophy, the company will make great contributions to the youth construction of urban people in southern Shanxi and even Shanxi Province. The company implements a modern enterprise management mode, and takes the production of safe, energy-saving and environment-friendly glass as its main R & D products. It can produce energy-saving and safety glass such as tempered glass, insulating glass, Low-E glass, etc. The project has a labor quota of 242 people, including 180 workers, 30 engineering and technical personnel, and 32 management and other personnel. Most of the personnel required for the project are recruited from the socially unemployed young intellectuals and laid-off workers. The main technical backbones are recruited from the personnel with similar production experience, which can greatly alleviate the employment pressure in this region. The company adheres to the enterprise philosophy of "survival by quality and development by innovation"; Take "zero defect of products" as the eternal quality policy; Take care of the environment, repay the society, care for employees and other societies as its own responsibility; Jia Zhiqiang, the legal person of the enterprise, together with all the staff, will contribute to the transformation and development of southern Shanxi and even Shanxi. Project introduction Hongdong Zhongyu glass tempering Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 1.4 million m2 of energy-saving and safe glass deep processing project, which is a national industrial policy

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