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How to improve the processing efficiency of grinding machine! Original technology

can we really understand the correct use of precision grinding machines when we use precision surface grinding machines for processing operations? Why should we emphasize this point? Because the correct use of methods suitable for high-precision parts processing, assembly fixtures, fixtures or backing structures can help us improve the processing efficiency of grinding machines, thereby improving our productivity. A simple example: take the grinding wheel flange using a hand-operated 618 grinder as an example (350 #)

in fact, many users use 350 # flange. With its assets, liabilities and equity of subsidiaries related to railway freight cars, southbound Huitong plans to buy those that are cheaper in the market, and the starting point of cost saving is good, but for precision grinding machines, I still advocate using imported grinding machine flanges, In fact, the price is different from that of PC. this is the rhythm of rising by dozens of yuan, but the effect is very different. It can be said that once and for all. Listen to my detailed decomposition: if we use the cheaper flange (Miscellaneous brand Army) in the market, it will bring three negative effects: first, due to the poor flange taper, the concentricity is not good, so installing it on the precision spindle of the grinder will greatly reduce the service life of the spindle; Second, poor flange accuracy is not high, and inaccurate taper will greatly affect the processing effect, and the product defect rate will increase; Third, due to low accuracy and poor concentricity, each flange has to pass through the balance frame and the balance bar is calibrated, which wastes a lot of time. Therefore, it is recommended to buy 3503 flanges or precision ones before processing. It is better to buy imported ones with original packaging. Let's talk about how to improve efficiency: when we use precision grinder flanges and add grinding processing, we don't have to go to each grinding wheel flange to do the balancing effect. In addition to being widely used, it's too time-consuming. Here's a relatively simple and practical method, that is, to buy a new precision flange, just remove the three arc-shaped balancing effect positive blocks on the bottom of the flange and install the grinding wheel correctly in turn, Then put the spindle grinding head of the grinder on the rack and repair it with a diamond repair knife, and the grinding wheel flange will be naturally balanced. There is no need to spend extra money to buy a balance frame at all. The balance bar is specially used to correct each grinding wheel flange. If the balance frame is used to correct each grinding wheel flange, it will take at least ten to twenty minutes, but if the balance block is removed and directly installed on the repair grinding wheel, it will be done in two minutes, and the effect is better than the former! This saves at least half an hour every day. To sum up, the correct use method will not only improve our work efficiency, but also save us costs and reduce the defective rate of products. It can be said that twice the result with half the effort, killing more with one stone. Why not do it

Author: Li Xiaozhong

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