How to improve the value of call center

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How to improve the value of call center

as a major customer contact point, the call center has great potential to provide valuable information and support for other business units, including information about customers, products, services and processes. When this information is recorded, collected, classified, and sorted out into usable knowledge, the entire enterprise can have the ability to identify and meet customer expectations and requirements

the benefits of enterprises in these aspects are huge and diversified. For example, when the call center can do the following work for the whole enterprise and other departments:

help the operation department or manufacturing unit point out and repair quality problems, so as to improve customer satisfaction and repeat purchase rate, reduce the cost expenditure caused by warranty and maintenance, and prevent unnecessary calls that may be brought to the call center

help the marketing department to formulate more effective market promotion activities. For example, better understanding the needs and expectations of customers and ensuring the targeted customers of marketing activities can improve the response rate, reduce relevant market costs, and even help enterprises further improve market share

as an early warning system of potential legal litigation risks. We can cite many examples, such as product defects, adverse reactions of food or drugs, security loopholes in enterprise stations, ambiguity of warranty terms or customer invoices, etc. The call center is often the first to get these relevant information. Maintaining a good and close cooperative relationship with other departments of the enterprise is the premise to solve such problems as quickly and efficiently as possible

help the R & D department identify customer needs, and compare the product performance with PA11 and PA12 of the same kind in the world, as well as the competitive advantages and disadvantages of the enterprise. In many ways, customer focus groups, market research, and traditional extensive questionnaires are not as important as the information obtained by the call center through communication with thousands of potential or existing customers. The provision of this information can help enterprises provide better products and services for more accurate target customers, and then have a positive impact on the cost, revenue, market share, and even the reputation and brand of enterprises

according to the specific help information provided by the call center for customers who exit the self-service system or need manual help in the process of using the self-service system, promote enterprises to improve the self-service system. This can not only effectively reduce the cost of customer service, but also improve customer satisfaction, and ensure that the call center can focus on service requests that really need manual help or can benefit from manual help

in a word, when the call center focuses on the macro meaning of quality and innovation, it will have a positive impact on the overall workload, production efficiency and quality of the enterprise, such as the wear and fracture of the force measuring piston belt

how can we make full use of the potential of call centers? First of all, we should establish a good working relationship with the leaders of other departments of the enterprise. Understand their work goals and objectives, and consider how the call center can best support their needs. At the same time, we will continue to promote the understanding and recognition of the role and potential of call centers within the enterprise (this requires time and perseverance, and we must adhere to it!). The theme image of ensuring that the call center will not have any impact on the freedom of navigation and overflight enjoyed by countries in the South China Sea in accordance with international law is to actively and constructively support, not just point out the problems of enterprise processes, products and services

next, you will need to establish a team whose main task is to collect, analyze, share and use these high value-added information in the enterprise. A suggested proportion is that each seat staff needs to be equipped with a data information analyst (of course, this proportion can have a large fluctuation range affected by different factors). You also need to ensure that the quality definition of customer contact has a wide enough coverage, and the quality coaching, monitoring and objectives at the seat level are only used to support the achievement of these major strategic objectives

in short, based on continuous understanding of business needs, ensure that data information is useful and available. At the same time, don't be overwhelmed by these data information. You can provide almost endless data information for each business unit of the enterprise. However, instead of focusing on the amount of information (always trying to ensure that any potentially valuable information is shared), focus on providing what you think may be the most useful information. Stefan Kutta, the effective and valuable global director of Celanese transportation department, said that information and data are the greatest value of the call center to guide business development and improvement. (end)

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