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Using different anti-counterfeiting technologies for different customers

packaging anti-counterfeiting design is the first step of packaging anti-counterfeiting printing and an important part of anti-counterfeiting. When providing customers with anti-counterfeiting solutions, on the premise of ensuring the content of anti-counterfeiting technology, the cost increase is a concern of customers. Therefore, different anti-counterfeiting technologies should be adopted for different packaging customers and end audiences

for packaging products with large production and sales volume and low added value for plastic materials in necking and fracture stages, the cost should not be increased too much when providing anti-counterfeiting packaging design. For example, the packaging of Yiqu mosquito repellent incense designed by our company is of low value. If we use laser holography, digital and other anti-counterfeiting means, although we have achieved a certain anti-counterfeiting effect, it will increase the packaging cost, which will undoubtedly add additional costs to manufacturers and consumers

on the contrary, if we adopt such technologies as plate pattern anti-counterfeiting and ink anti-counterfeiting, we can also achieve better anti-counterfeiting effect on the premise of limited cost increase, and consumers can easily identify it. Pay attention to inserting the positioning pin to achieve a win-win situation between manufacturers and consumers

therefore, when deciding which anti-counterfeiting technology to use for packaging anti-counterfeiting design, we must have a clear aim, and we cannot blindly use high-end anti-counterfeiting technology. We should not only meet the low-cost needs of customers and the broad audience, but also obtain a completely personalized anti-counterfeiting effect to meet the needs of enterprises and users to the greatest extent

for the particularity of products in some domestic industries, such as the packaging of high-grade tobacco, wine and famous cosmetics, when providing anti-counterfeiting solutions, the types of anti-counterfeiting technologies can be appropriately increased according to the added value of the products and the market demand

for example, while adopting anti-counterfeiting technologies such as laser holographic image and code anti-counterfeiting, personalized printing methods are integrated into the packaging printing process, such as silk printing and hot stamping technology; Change the ordinary four-color printing to all spot color printing; Adopt special printing point process; The high-grade film blown by the film blowing machine can be used as commodity packaging to promote the overall anti-counterfeiting shading safety design and safety printing technology on the surface of the packaging box, making the conventional replication means such as electronic color separation/electronic scanning for ordinary commercial printing ineffective

these effective anti-counterfeiting methods will not significantly increase the cost. Customers are the first choice for safe use. We can combine the safety design with the commercial design, which is beautiful, has good visual impact, and has a good anti-counterfeiting effect

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