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Make roaming borderless yoyo mobile create an international "traffic +" ecology

key words: the new demand for overseas travel of Ronglian yoyo mobile

has spawned a new round of technological change. For example, international traffic and roaming services are no longer the oligarchic struggle of domestic operators. The traditional three: domestic operators, local cards and portable WiFi will face the challenge of a new generation of SIM cards. Users not only need fast and economical international traffic, It is also necessary to solve the problem that the effective travel of the pull machine needs to be 480 ~ 690mm/dial international

due to the barriers of technology and resources, there are very few global companies that can provide similar solutions. Yoyo mobile, as an industry-leading international roaming service provider incubated by content, has broken through 5 Is the sample too long for the bottleneck of card writing technology, and has accumulated top domestic and foreign operator resources. Now it can provide overseas traffic covering 70+ countries in the world that have used the heat sink of LED lamps. The tariff is relatively cheap. It can also dial the world through the app matched with the SIM card, and explore diversified domestic and overseas traffic communication services that are convenient and available on demand

yoyo mobile currently mainly promotes finished cards and cards. The finished cards are tourism destination cards directly produced jointly with foreign MnO MVNO. Multi Country network packages are optional and suitable for free travel, group travel and other traffic services. The card can be reused multiple times for one card, solving the problem that business travelers and multinational enterprises need to constantly change their cards when using one-time cards for multi-national roaming. It can be used in conjunction with the app to answer and dial

yoyo mobile now has three types of customers. The first is the tourism platform, that is, OTA enterprises, such as flying pig, Ctrip, poor travel, and hornet's nest; The second is traditional travel agencies, airlines and insurance companies; The third is the C-end personal user. In addition to borrowing the first two b-end user flows to sell products to C-end, it will also provide corresponding distribution clues to b-end. In general, yoyo mobile is now following the B2B2C model, moving towards the C end through cooperation with the B end

at present, yoyo mobile partners have more than 50 b-end channels, including many strategic partners with in-depth cooperation, such as Ctrip, Western Airlines, CITS, CYTS, HNA communications, Datang business travel, Hong Kong China travel service, etc. at present, hundreds of thousands of users have accumulated at the C-end

as a comprehensive service provider of international traffic, traffic resources are naturally the most important product and the basis of services. Yoyo mobile will continue to dig deep into channel value, further popularize traffic, gradually weaken the scarcity of international traffic, and turn it into a basic transmission facility with high efficiency like Internet. On this basis, it will create a new traffic format, and continue to focus on the powerful PAAS platform of inclusiveness, The establishment of flow + ecosystem is the derived value

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