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Foreign media: China relies on robots to strengthen its industrial competitiveness

according to Spanish media on May 2, under the pressure of rising labor costs and the influx of high-quality and low-cost products produced by countries with low labor costs, Chinese manufacturers believe that only relying on robots can restore and improve the competitiveness of their products, and hope to be in a leading position in this field

China, a large Asian country, has become the world's largest importer of industrial machinery since 2013. In order to improve production technology, this process is still accelerating. The introduction of robots mainly occurs in many cities in the Pearl River Delta, such as Dongguan, Foshan and Guangzhou. Specifically for those without R & D conditions and funds

in 2013, Chinese enterprises purchased 34000 robots, and this figure increased in 2014. According to the official data released in March, 10600 of them often use 7-layer, 9-layer or even 11 layer membrane structure robots, which are used in the production of state-owned enterprises

the president of the international business of a Midea air conditioner and Daiichi Electric Co., Ltd. in Foshan concluded to EFE that the increase in labor costs is a huge challenge for Chinese manufacturers, and the best way to deal with this challenge is to realize and strengthen the automation of the production line. Then the president added: this process is being implemented by Midea to reduce the number of employees, stabilize labor costs and improve efficiency

manufacturers in other fields in this region, such as Guangdong automobile manufacturer GAC motor, are also constantly improving their production automation to consolidate their competitiveness

in addition to reducing costs and improving competitiveness, the Chinese government has also targeted this transformation mode in its strategic planning to promote Chinese enterprises to take a new step in the process of economic development, promote the development of high-tech fields and service industries, and reduce the burden of heavy industry

Dongguan is known as the world factory. Its mayor yuanbaocheng understands and supports this process to prevent more enterprises from turning to and moving to countries with lower labor costs

at a foreign conference this week, yuanbaocheng said that we are all optimistic about the systematization of machinery to replace human production. And claimed that the government would try its best to help enterprises and industry leaders reduce costs. In fact, the local government has created a special fund of 200million yuan ($32.5 million, 31million euros) to support small enterprises to realize automatic production

according to the official data, at the current stage, the city has 500 production automation projects under implementation, and the installation of automation systems will cause a sharp reduction of about 30000 jobs. However, the annual sales of companies implementing automated production will reach 30billion yuan (4880 million US dollars, 4615 million euros). Therefore, the mayor believes that those employees who have lost their jobs can still find a new job in other booming service sectors, especially the hotel industry and hotel service industry

the neighboring city of Foshan is also carrying out the reform of production automation. Songdeping, vice mayor of Foshan, said that Foshan also has a great demand for robots. It is certain that in the next three years, Foshan enterprises will introduce and increase 15000 to 20000 automatic machines. In addition, employees who lost their jobs on the production line will be resettled, so that they will not lack jobs

in fact, robots are not far away from us. Many years ago, some restaurants in China used robots as a kind of commercial publicity to attract customers. Decades ago, robots were used in the production of high-priced goods, such as electronics and automobiles, and the number of robots in some new fields is increasing day by day, such as polishing and storage

Dongguan, China's export center, is located in the Pearl River Delta, with a population of 8.2 million. It is a melting pot for automobile manufacturing. It is also an important production place for textiles, shoes and toys with less technical content. In addition, it also has about 400 manufacturers that consume less energy in the running process of robot life. In the past, the industrial development of Dongguan was based on cheap labor, but now robots play a key role in changing the trade mode of enterprises and producing high-quality, high-tech and high-level products

the vice mayor of Foshan explained that the number of local companies producing robots in Foshan is also increasing. The mayor himself has been committed to establishing more technology research institutes and R & D centers. Today, there are a total of 125 production automation plants in Foshan, which, as an effective competitiveness, can attract more investment in science and technology industries

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