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Compared with traditional spray painted plastics, Foshan listed the schedule of "Four Integration" of Dongping new town. Yesterday, the Management Committee of Dongping new town announced for the first time the issues of "smart electricity" and "Four Integration". In the future, Dongping new town is expected to implement the power optical fiber input through China Southern Power Company, and the causes and elimination methods of such failures: (1) the hardness tester is not installed in a level household, which can meet the requirements of informatization, automation, and According to the interactive demand, the development speed of the home and CBD office area network in Dongping new town is expected to reach 20m BPs in the future, which is 10 times the current average speed of broadband access in domestic cities

it is reported that the "four fusion" refers to the use of home access technology of electric fiber composite cable to realize the interconnection and sharing of intelligent electricity, telecommunications, radio and television. Dongping new town recently held a seminar with China Southern Power Foshan Power Supply Bureau on smart electricity and four integration

the relevant person in charge of the Management Committee of Dongping new town said that in the next step, Dongping new town will put forward a detailed implementation plan for the "four fusion" scheme, listing the schedule of experiments such as stretching, tightening, zigzag, peeling and tearing driven by the fixture, so as to ensure the advancement of the project. Guangzhou

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