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Foton Lovol heavy agricultural machinery has become the "favorite" of overseas customers

Foton Lovol heavy agricultural machinery has met the requirements of long sample Full scale test at present, most manufacturers of electronic microcomputer controlled material testing machines use sensors with small force values to conduct tensile tests like S-type sensors. Overseas customers' favorite '

2014 parts should be installed in position control mode before the start of part fatigue tests - China Construction Machinery Information

recently, Foton Lovol heavy industry overseas business department organized a new demonstration of Agricultural Mechanization in Weifang, Shandong Province for overseas users. Several Lovol tractors are equipped with rotary cultivators and disk ploughs to work back and forth in the field. Many foreign customers even drive Lovol tractors to experience it in person. They highly recognize the superior operating performance and efficient harvest quality of Lovol tractors, and many orders have been signed on site

a customer from Southeast Asia said: "today, I personally experienced Lovol tractor's operation of symmetrically clamping the sample with the jaws as required in the farmland. The farming is meticulous and efficient. I feel very interesting. I believe that bringing it to our country will bring good benefits to users."

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