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Nanhai District, Foshan City plans to restart video monitoring of kindergartens. Most parents accept that Nanhai District, Foshan City is considering installing a remote video system in kindergartens throughout the district. The camera can capture the main activity areas of the classroom. Parents can know the baby's every move in the kindergarten by clicking the mouse at home and in the office. The year before last, Nanhai District began to implement the visualization of kindergartens. It was intended that 200 kindergartens in the district should be installed with remote video systems. Due to the resistance of some kindergarten teachers and the reluctance of parents to expose their children's privacy, the plan was suspended for a time

many kindergartens in Chancheng District, Gaoming District and other kindergartens also realize that kindergarten teaching visualization can protect both children and teachers. However, they lack the overall planning of the education department and are hindered by the problem of investment. They are more powerless

sample: 36 kindergartens in Nanhai can remotely monitor

after putting the family's daily food into the refrigerator, Ms. Liu, as usual, started the computer, clicked on a page, and entered the account number and password. Five seconds later, a picture appeared on the computer screen. She was reading the children of class 1 in the kindergarten, and her every move was in front of her. At that time, the teacher seemed to be asking the children to sing or read aloud, but Tong Tong was in a daze. Seeing this picture, Ms. Liu couldn't help laughing

at present, 36 kindergartens in Nanhai District have installed remote video systems. Thousands of parents can see their children in kindergartens in real time through the Internet by paying only 10 or 20 yuan a month

after the incident of child abuse by kindergarten teachers in Wenling City, Zhejiang Province, Ms. Liu saw it on TV. At that time, her heart clicked, but she immediately remembered the situation of her children in the kindergarten. Fortunately, she knew it at a glance. There was no need to worry about it

Nanhai District started the visualization of kindergartens as early as 2010. It was originally planned to install remote video systems in 200 kindergartens in the district. However, the implementation of this plan was not smooth. So far, only 36 have installed remote video systems

according to the relevant person in charge of Nanhai District Education Bureau, the installation of remote video systems in kindergartens can meet the purpose of parents' supervision of kindergartens. At the same time, it can also reduce the misunderstanding between parents and the kindergarten. However, due to the strong resistance of some teachers, the promotion plan had to be suspended

response: parents accept more, teachers are under great pressure

working under the monitoring of electronic eyes every day is really yalishan University. Although I try my best to do it, I still feel uncomfortable. A kindergarten teacher in Guicheng, Nanhai said on condition of anonymity

some kindergartens have reported that video surveillance is installed in the kindergarten, and parents can see the baby's mouth. Some nervous parents give opinions to the kindergarten from time to time, and sometimes bring unnecessary troubles to the kindergarten

in addition to the resistance of preschool teachers, the above responsible person disclosed that the problem of children's privacy exposure is another factor that makes the video installation plan suspended

a large preschool education group in Foshan once installed monitoring systems in its two subordinate kindergartens, but the kindergartens soon cancelled the permission of parents, and the monitoring system can only be viewed in kindergartens. People familiar with the matter said that they also encountered the problem of parents' dissatisfaction caused by children's privacy exposure. When the teacher changes clothes and pads towels for the baby, the privacy of the baby's body can be seen by other parents

the recent frequent exposure of child abuse by the media has once again strained the anxiety of parents. How is the child doing in the kindergarten? Does the teacher try his best to teach? Parents want to know. Ms. Zhang, whose children are studying in IEC Jindi Jiulongbi (International) kindergarten or the zero position is often changed, said that there is no camera installed in the kindergarten classroom here. If the parents pay a certain fee every month to maintain its operation, Ms. Zhang agrees without hesitation, and several other interviewed parents also welcome it

twists and turns: kindergartens want to install, but suffer from lack of money

the visualization of kindergartens in Nanhai District is promoted under the overall planning and coordination of the education department in Nanhai District. Cooperative enterprises provide services for kindergartens in the district. After parents purchase a multi-functional smart card with a password and an account number of 68 yuan, they only need to pay a monthly rent of 10 yuan or 20 yuan according to the statistics of P M corporate finance LLC, an American financial company, You can use the function of remote video, and the cooperative enterprise can make profits by charging monthly rent

in Chancheng, Gaoming and other districts, there is no overall planning and coordination of the education department. Whether and when kindergartens install indoor video monitoring systems are mostly decided by the kindergartens themselves

for example, Foshan government kindergarten is currently expanding the second phase of the teaching building, which has been capped. At the beginning of construction, the kindergarten decided to install video monitors in the public areas, classrooms and functional rooms of the new teaching building to achieve 360 degree monitoring. This is a trend to protect both children and teachers. The park side believes that. Cameras will also be installed in all classrooms and function rooms of the old teaching building in the park

however, as for whether the video surveillance is connected to the Internet, Yang general affairs of the park said that there is no plan at present. Cost is the main concern of the park. He said that before the child abuse incident, network operators had discussed with kindergartens and proposed that operators should provide access Internet services free of charge, and kindergartens should only bear the traffic costs incurred. However, after evaluation, all cameras in the kindergarten need to install tens of megabytes or even hundreds of megabytes of optical fiber to access the network, and the monthly traffic cost is thousands of yuan. According to the regulations of the education department, this fee can only be transferred to the parents with the consent of the majority of parents and the approval of the education department. Kindergartens cannot collect it without authorization, otherwise it belongs to arbitrary charging

Mingcheng central kindergarten in Gaoming District is a privately run kindergarten. The person in charge of the kindergarten told them that they also want to install video surveillance system, but they have limited financial resources and are powerless. At present, the installation of video monitoring system in the park has not been included in the budget

it is understood that, in response to the needs of parents, Nanhai District is considering restarting the remote video system installation plan for kindergartens throughout the region, so as to make preschool education transparent, reliable and treat symptoms rather than root causes

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