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The former Prime Minister of Malaysia led the RFID conference to talk about the development vision of Asia

Dr. Mahathir, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, will deliver a speech at a meeting attended by political and industry leaders to talk about the development of Asia in the field of radio frequency tags. This simple and far-reaching technology is often called radio frequency identification (RFID) or smart tag, which is the theme of smart labels Asia 2004 conference. The meeting was held in Tokyo, Japan, from November 10 to 11 this year

With the help of his success as prime minister, Dr. Mahathir will explain the importance of RFID to the development of Asia. As the basis of the Malaysian government's high-tech vision, the RFID tags on Malaysian passports and citizen identity cards have significantly improved security and ease of use

Other Asian institutions attending smart labels Asia 2004 include: the Ministry of economy, trade and industry of Japan, China EPC standardization Promotion Committee, Taiwan Institute of industrial technology, Hong Kong Commodity coding Association, Singapore Information Development Council, Korea Computing Institute, etc

> the more than 30 speakers who will speak at the conference include leading technology suppliers, industry associations and end users from retail, aviation, transportation and construction industries. In addition, for those manufacturers eager to try RFID, a series of lectures entitled "how to place labels" hosted by Texas Instruments, IBM and MIT will outline the strategies, advantages and disadvantages of placing labels on pallets, containers, goods and valuable assets

Gordon Jackson of IDTechEx, the leader of smart labels Asia 2004 conference, said: "this is the first time that sub PE and PP continents have held a meeting to discuss the impact of this new technology with the participation of government leaders, industry associations and large enterprises. Our goal is to enable all participants to have a comprehensive understanding of the RFID industry and bring this technology back to implementation before use."

About smart labels Asia 2004 conference:

smart labels Asia 2004 is the second annual conference on RFID and smart labels held in Tokyo, The main agenda includes:

two-day executive level meetings and exhibitions from November 10 to 11, such as scratch resistance, RFID and smart label packaging expert lecture on November 9, on-site visit to Japan's RFID company on November 12, about IDTechEx company:

IDTechEx is an independent company in the world leading in the field of smart label technology development, restarting the lower jaw motor, aligning the lower jaw and application.Specialized One of the industry organizations, specializing in low-cost RFID and intelligent packaging

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