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Tailor made for industries with liquid level measurement needs ABB released a new ultrasonic liquid level gauge recently, abb released a new ultrasonic liquid level gauge lst200, which is tailor-made for industries with large liquid level measurement needs such as water and sewage treatment

recently, abb released a new ultrasonic liquid level meter lst200, which is customized for industries with a large number of liquid level measurement needs, such as water and sewage treatment

abb said that based on extensive demand research and ABB's decades of liquid level measurement experience, the lst200 adopts modular design and is equipped with advanced processors and intelligent algorithms. While ensuring reliable operation, it simplifies installation, commissioning and maintenance, and is beautiful and lightweight, thus greatly reducing the total expenditure of customers in the product life cycle

it is understood that the lst200 has a blue backlit HD operation panel, which is especially suitable for outdoor operation; According to the simplified operation menu used by customers, the setting can be completed within 1 minute; Real time waveforms and diagnostic information greatly improve the efficiency of equipment maintenance and troubleshooting; At the same time, it is compatible with ABB's general FIM debugging software, and can quickly and accurately complete the intelligent configuration of complex parameters such as open channel flow measurement through the computer, without the participation of professionals

lst200 has built-in advanced gap intelligent stabilizer algorithm, which can actively adapt to the fluctuations caused by environmental changes and automatically compensate the ultrasonic signal strength, so as to be easily competent for the working conditions with a large number of foam and turbulence, such as aeration tank, chlorine contact tank, cooling water tower, etc. The electromagnetic compatibility verified by the third-party laboratory, together with its noise filter algorithm, enables the lst200 to operate stably in complex interference environments such as pump stations

lst200 is a non-contact measuring equipment with IP68 waterproof grade. With polycarbonate shell, it can resist the corrosion of water flooding, weak acid, weak alkali and chloride, and does not need to carry out daily continuous loading and cleaning

wangmingyi, global product manager of ABB ultrasonic liquid level transmitter, said: "The lst200 can be used in many industrial applications, especially in the field of water and waste water or in occasions with water level measurement needs such as power and papermaking. It has modular design, easy operation experience and long-term experience. 5. Limit protection: it has two-level limit protection functions of mechanical and program control; it has accumulated reliable algorithms and other advantages, meeting the core needs of users for reliability and convenience."

decrease the friction coefficient; About ABB company

abb company is one of the world's top 500 enterprises and has strong technical strength and high-end technical equipment in the field of automation and upgrading systems. ABB's measurement and analysis business has been developing for more than 100 years since the first automatic pasteurizer of ABB came out. Today, ABB's measurement and analysis business has diversified intelligent sensing instruments, which are widely used in various measurement fields of the process industry, such as force measurement, pressure, temperature, level measurement, etc; At the same time, it provides a complete process analysis product portfolio for gas and liquid separation, such as gas emission monitoring products and systems and water quality analysis products

it is understood that in recent years, abb measurement and analysis business unit has successively launched a series of products and services for digital applications, such as non-invasive temperature sensor, aquamaster4 intelligent electromagnetic water meter, abb abilitytm natural gas leakage detection system, narrowband IOT communication solution for measurement equipment, abb abilitytm measurement product verification solution, measurement equipment status monitoring service, etc

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