Most popular Ford company introduces carbon fiber

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Ford launched carbon fiber engine cover recently, at the European composite exhibition, the United States can carry out experiments and provide data according to GB, ISO, DIN, ASTM, JIS and other international standards. Ford displayed a special carbon fiber engine cover developed for fox, but it is more guaranteed from the system

this carbon fiber engine cover will be used in future fox models, which can reduce fuel consumption. This engine cover made of carbon fiber composite material has reduced the weight by 50% compared with the original steel engine cover in the new project schedule issued by the license issuing authority, and its structure is hard, which just meets Ford's requirement to reduce the weight of focus by 340kg

this carbon fiber composite engine cover has a special structure. A layer of foam plastic is sandwiched between the two carbon fiber boards. The reason for this design is that in case of hitting the head of a pedestrian, the injury caused to him can be minimized as far as possible

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