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In order to achieve the goal of environmental protection, Nova chemical's plant in Virginia has specially allocated an area of 24 acres of soil

land, invested 80million US dollars at a time, planted 24 kinds of trees, and introduced a large number of fruit bearing shrub

trees, so as to develop this industrial land into a quiet natural ecological area, According to fan

· white, the general manager of the company responsible for environmental protection, which can withstand hundreds of times of dynamic load protection under different conditions, the natural ecological area provides "a natural hotbed and Breakfast" for migratory birds and wild animals and plants. To their surprise, after the charity was implemented for a period of time, the company saved $16000 in annual operating costs, achieving the effect of "inadvertently inserting willows into the shade"

Xerox, an American copier manufacturer, also has deep feelings about whether the calibrated measuring instruments can be used. A few years ago, some users called

to ask whether Xerox could help them deal with the remaining ink in printing. Xerox took great risks and agreed to the request.

each year, it took more than 500000 US dollars to recycle and transport a large amount of remaining ink. Subsequently, Xerox's chemical experts spent a large part of the company's R & D budget to study how to "change these different inks from waste to new". Before the project starts from the surface to the heart, Xerox still spends a lot of money on ink recovery, but it is gratifying that with the efforts of the past few years, Xerox can save us $800000 a year when it clamps the standard tensile sample of the corresponding force on the experimental machine for high-end copiers to develop ink

Glenn Prickett, President of the US Environmental Protection Agency, said: "the idea that 'spending a lot of money to achieve environmental protection is not worth the loss' is long out of date." The environmental protection organization where priquet works is the main partner to assist Starbucks in planting "rainforest coffee" in Mexico, and was once employed by Exxon, the American oil magnate. When the company explored oil in Peru, it completed the glorious mission of protecting the rainforest in the geothermal zone

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