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Health, ecology and simplicity are the key points of the Iraqi philosophy of life. Just like the Iraqi products, from style design to structure, everything starts from the origin of life, close to nature, and finally return to life

healthy ecology, simplicity and beauty

this is the philosophy and purpose of the Iraqi ecogate,

and it is also the life philosophy that the Iraqi school wants to spread

modern people are busy all day.

while they are completely new and devoted to work to create excellent living conditions for their families,

maybe they have ignored some details,

giving their families a comfortable environment is the real meaning

healthy, ecological and simple

these are the key points of Iraqi life philosophy.

Iraqi advocates a relaxed, pleasant, close to nature, zero pressure life,

there is no unnecessary burden,

just like Iraqi products,

from style design to structure,

Everything starts from the origin of life,

close to nature,

finally returns to life

aluminum alloy ecological door,

as the representative of the new generation of high-end home doors,

has more and more obvious advantages over traditional wooden doors

diversified customization methods,

fashionable and advanced style design,

stable mechanical structure,

powerful fire, water and sound insulation performance...

modern life is too cumbersome and busy,

it is easy to ignore the true meaning of life...

we want to create the best living environment for our family,

but forget the needs of our family,

in fact, we can accompany you in the bustling city,

can enjoy the feeling of life as if in their own nature,

Yipai ecological gate

accurately captures people's exact needs,

with almost proud ingenuity,

and Virgo like pickiness,

use a door,

let you feel the beauty of Yipai life philosophy

the best care is the most silent

choose Yipai,

give the best to your family...

Yipai health, environmental protection, ecological simplicity, create beauty

Yipai ecological door always adheres to the design concept of ecology and home furnishing,

door is a necessary element of home decoration,

the production and design of ecological door is on the one hand

to reflect the harmony between man and nature,

on the other hand, for people to live closer to nature,

create a green and healthy home environment




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