Why do the princes compete for hegemony in China's

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At that time, China's door and window shopping malls were purely a situation of princes competing for hegemony, which had not yet formed a competition system backed by regionalism, and each major brand door and window enterprise also accounted for one side. Although a few enterprises used the method of huddling together to form a part of the United front, this trend was very insignificant, and the planning was also very small. As for the overall situation, there will be no impact at all, and foreign door and window enterprises are also fighting separately in China. Because they are all world giants, their own strength is not bad, and there is no need to form a unified alliance. Their competition in high-end shopping malls is also very harsh. Because there is no shadow of Chinese enterprises in high-end shopping malls, they have become a place for foreign door and window enterprises to fight against each other

however, as more and more door and window enterprises are integrated into domestic shopping malls, some enterprises will gradually disappear from shopping malls in this large-scale battle. Finally, after a rigorous competition, a group of enterprises with real strength will survive, and then these powerful enterprises will adopt the method of regional annexation to gradually buy some local small and medium-sized enterprises, so the local will form the dominant style of several large enterprises. That is to say, in the end, the number of enterprises in the whole mall will be reduced to a reasonable scale, and the planning of the mall will be significantly improved. With the continuous progress of shopping malls, the environment of domestic doors and windows industry will gradually improve

therefore, we can see the big from the small. This situation will appear in the region, and it will also appear in provinces and even the whole country. Therefore, in the end, truly powerful brand large enterprises can share a big profit in the mall. Perhaps from the current situation, this situation seems impossible, but we can predict that this situation is an inevitable result by looking at the development of other occupations. At that time, the domestic brand door and window enterprises will constitute a situation of the Southern Dynasty. In this Southern Dynasty, various strong enterprises along the border will constitute a fierce competition, but everyone's strength almost appropriately constitutes an interactive situation

the Northern Dynasty next to the door and window mall refers to external strength, which is very similar to the Northern Dynasty in history, and also comes from rivals in foreign regions. The Northern Dynasty was not full of quiet atmosphere, but we only saw the fierce battles between the northern and Southern Dynasties, and neglected the struggles between the foreign enterprises near the Northern Dynasty. The current market situation is that the Southern Dynasty is weak and the Northern Dynasty is strong, but this situation will eventually end in the future. Who can end the hostile years of the northern and Southern Dynasties





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