Parts manufacturers cooperating with Xi'an Airline

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The quality of accessories can only be guaranteed if they keep up with the quality

the good or bad of a brand

depends not only on the publicity intensity

the enterprise background is the basis of long-term development

product quality is a hard requirement

the requirements for accessories manufacturers are obvious

doors and windows of Xi'an Aircraft System

doors and windows are created by the military quality of aircraft manufacturing

the formation of cooperative manufacturers is still quite strong

let's learn today The accessory manufacturer we cooperate with

▲ country: Germany

Noto, Germany Frank International Group is a German manufacturer of door and window hardware systems. At present, it has become the largest manufacturer of professional door and window multi-point lock hardware systems in the world

▲ country: Germany

siglia OPI group is one of the largest door and window hardware manufacturers in Germany and Europe. Its products cover aluminum, plastic, wood aluminum composite and other materials, as well as various window and door types such as internal, external opening, sliding and so on. Especially in the field of aluminum alloy hardware, the products of siglia OPI group rank first in the German market

▲ country: Germany

since the mid-1970s, the enterprise has established its leading position in the European door and window hardware market. Even in the world, hope hobo is a highly competitive leader

▲ country: Germany

haotao company was founded in hagenburg, Germany in 1910 and moved to helparson in 1920. In the following decades, it gradually developed into a famous enterprise in the hardware industry, and hautau brand enjoys an outstanding reputation in Europe

▲ country: Germany

Karl Fuer is one of the most famous lock hardware companies in Germany. Its products cover the technology of internal opening and internal reverse locking points used in doors and windows and the technology of multi locking point system

▲ country: New Zealand

assa Abloy International Group is the world's leading lock group. Assa Abloy door opening solution provides a more complete range

▲ country: Italy

after more than 40 years, GIS has developed from a small processing enterprise of aluminum alloy door and window hardware accessories to an industry-leading international group company with more than 100 patents, more than 8000 products and annual sales of more than 100 million euros

▲ country: Italy

Iseo is the flagship enterprise of Italian Iseo group. Since its establishment in 1967, Iseo has been committed to the development, manufacturing and sales of construction hardware products. As a leading enterprise in the development and manufacturing of construction hardware, Iseo has continuously improved the level of production technology, improved quality monitoring, enriched and refined the functions of products in the process of 40 years of development. Iseo with a perfect combination Excellent functions are popular in Europe, that is, they are popular in the world

▲ country: Germany

g-u has a glorious history of more than 100 years. It is one of the leading suppliers of door and window technology, automatic entrance management system and building management system

▲ country: the United States

true is considered to be the leading manufacturer in North America. There are more than 100 kinds of products, ranging from simple to complex hinges, operating all kinds of multi-point patio door lock handles, windows and skylights, remote control, electric control systems





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